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Neutrality: Inadequate and Unachievable

Tue, August 28, 2018   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |   Volume 25    Issue 35 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

Going nowhere is better than moving in the wrong direction . . . but not much. Moving in the right direction is far preferable. In social matters, neutrality sometimes allows evil to triumph (ie. when “good men do nothing”).

This past week many good pro-life Canadians tried to convince the Conservative Party to take at least a neutral stance on abortion at their Halifax Convention. Why? Because right now the party’s policy, number 65 (on page 25) of their hand book is: “A Conservative Government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion.”

The policy is wrong. Pro-life Conservative Party delegates worked hard to have it deleted but their motion was defeated by a majority of those in the room. With a clear policy promising no legislation to change the status quo—abortion on demand, at any time, for any reason—the Conservative Party is not even neutral; it is pro-abortion.

Even before the vote was taken, Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer doubled down on his promise NOT to reopen the abortion issue. The fact that the issue has never been closed seems to have escaped his notice. With both the leader and the policy convention sending a strong message that they will not take any action in defence of the pre-born, Canadian voters should be under no delusion; a Conservative government will avoid this issue.

We want to thank all those CPC delegates who worked so hard for a different result. At least they tried. However, even if the motion to delete had passed that would only have moved the party to the position of neutrality. In today’s political climate, neutrality is not enough. Babies continue to die. Positive action to protect our most vulnerable is the only way to change the status quo.

Perhaps more than anything, this whole proposal has shown once again that, despite many good members and a handful of principled pro-life MPs, the Conservative Party and its Leader will not risk votes to protect the unborn. There is only one political party that will stand on pro-life principles—the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

Even more surprising at the CPC Convention was their vote in regard to pornography; a motion to declare pornography a public health hazard and to promote “laws, policies, and programs to prevent pornography exposure and addiction” was also defeated. It’s hard to understand why the Conservative Party would decline taking a clear stand against pornography, since there is a broad consensus among Canadians that pornography is harmful.

In spite of these terrible defeats, several positive resolutions did pass—and credit should be given to pro-life delegates for their hard work to get them passed: the delegates approved “a pledge to oppose abortion funding in Canada’s foreign aid.” This is important because Canada’s current government uses tax dollars to promote abortion overseas, even in countries where it is illegal! This disregard for the laws of other countries violates the sovereignty of those countries.

Delegates also agreed to oppose the expansion of assisted suicide to include youth and the mentally incompetent. We cheer this small step, but still wonder why the Conservatives failed—when they had a majority government—to use the notwithstanding clause to block assisted suicide in the first place?

The Conservative Party is seriously divided and they know it. It’s great to deny funding for abortions in other countries, but why would they continue to fund abortions in Canada? CHP Canada’s policy is protection of innocent human life from conception till natural death. That is not neutral. That is recognition of the fact that God made each and every one of us, and that human life is sacred. Being neutral on this subject is of no help when the status quo is fully-funded abortion on demand.

Pro-life Canadians can rally around CHP’s pro-life policies without divisive votes and convention wrangling. Our members, leaders, and policies are 100% pro-life.

The Conservative Party has had sparks and flashes of light on this issue, but these have revealed that the status quo is inaction. Pro-life leadership contender, Brad Trost, came close to winning the leadership last year; but ultimately, he was left out of Andrew Scheer’s shadow cabinet and later manipulated out of his own nomination by intra-party actions.

But the good news is that there is a faithful and uncompromising pro-life party ready to welcome pro-life Canadians who want to work together for Canada’s future—its children.

The CHP needs members and candidates in order to grow our visibility and impact. Please join and get involved! We are not neutral. We are pro-life.

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