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Is Canada Becoming a Colony of China?

Tue, January 03, 2023   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 30    Issue 1 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

News that China is operating five (and maybe more) illegal “police stations” in Canada—and scores, maybe hundreds world-wide—raises several very important questions.

The first and most important question is: “Did anyone—any official in any Canadian government—give assent to these foreign ‘police stations’ on Canadian soil?”

If someone did, it was tantamount to treason. In seeking to understand behind-the-scenes negotiations between Canada and China, there are two problems: Canada and China. Most Canadians are aware of the secretive dealings of the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) and its leader, Xi Jinping; many are now waking up to the secrecy surrounding our own Prime Minister’s actions. We are still waiting to hear an explanation about the illegal transfer of Chinese funds to the campaigns of at least 11 Canadian MPs.

If China didn’t get permission for these police stations, then the opening and operation of these stations is an overt act of aggression; we are being colonized by a hostile foreign power . . . and most Canadians are oblivious to the danger. If any Canadian officials sanctioned those police stations, we are in even greater danger from within.

China has for years been bullying small nations into their ‘belt-and-road’ scheme to advance China’s global hegemony. We need to remember that the Chinese government’s nickname for our Prime Minister is “Little Potato.” Xi Jinping’s disdain for the PM was obvious at Bali, where he chided Mr. Trudeau over a leak to the press. We may be small potatoes to a nation of 1.4 billion people; but we and our Arctic territories are, in their eyes, a lush basket of resources.

Does anyone think China would hesitate to take over such a prize? It would depend largely on how they anticipate America would react. If the feckless Biden government wouldn’t protect Hong Kong or Taiwan, would they protect Canada? Or would they just strike a deal to divide us?

Even if what these ‘police stations’ do is within the law, it’s far outside the law for them to be doing it in our country without our express permission and cooperation. It’s colonization.

But what they are doing, as far as we can deduce it, may in some cases actually be criminal extortion: there is reason to believe they may be contacting Canadian citizens or landed residents who have family back in China (or Hong Kong), and threatening those families if their Canadian members don’t cooperate with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) ‘police’. The communist Chinese government has surveillance and control systems through its ‘social credit’ ratings system that enable them to exert tremendous pressure on families and individuals in China.

We know these ‘police’ sometimes contact Canadians who have family in China; what do they ask those Canadians to do, or stop doing?

We’re not sure. We have reason to believe that sometimes they have asked such Canadians to stop making statements critical of the CCP. But there’s no reason to doubt that such pressures have also been applied in other ways—for example, to induce commercial, technological, financial, political or military spying. The CCP has a global reputation for industrial espionage and for copyright violations. Threatening the safety or well-being of relatives in China would be an easy way to recruit spies.

Canada must make a strong public stand, declaring that we will not be colonized! We also must back that resolve with legislation at both federal and provincial levels protecting Canadian lands, homes and businesses from purchase by foreign states hostile to our traditions of freedom, independence and free enterprise. We need to protect Canadian citizens of Chinese descent from pressure by CCP agents. And we need to protect Canadian elections from illegal foreign influence and financial contributions. We need complete transparency by our own government, not the evasive, scandal-concealing performances of the past few years.

The Christian Heritage Party will back up words with action to protect Canada from foreign domination. Join CHP Canada and protect Canadian sovereignty today.

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