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If a Homeowners Tax Freedom Convoy Came to Ottawa

Tue, February 22, 2022   |   Author: David Darwin   |   Volume 29    Issue 8 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Some people have the impression that all the kerfuffle in Ottawa, since January 29, has been about getting rid of some pesky truckers that were disturbing the routine of life. They are quite elated to see the “pests” gone. There is no acknowledgement of the deep and troubling cause that brought them to Ottawa in the first place! Like the crippling effect of being denied the right to drive their trucks across the US-Canada border . . . .

All is not what it seems. Neither the legacy media nor the government have been telling the truth. But let’s step aside from the vaccine mandates for a moment and look at this from a different angle. Let’s take an imaginary—but credible—story line and follow it to the end.

According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the government is considering imposing an equity tax on principal residences. This has been a no-go area for a long time, but with the pandemic of spending the past two years, they are desperately seeking new sources of revenue (rather than reducing their spending). So far, this is very real. Now on to the story . . .

What if such a tax were to be imposed through a regulatory instrument by the Minister of Finance? No debate in Parliament. The government says this will penalize the nasty drug dealers and foreign interests that are buying up properties as a way of laundering their funds. And pushing up the price of homes such that “ordinary, hard-working Canadians” cannot afford to purchase a home.

They go on to state the taxes raised will be used to fund “homes for the homeless.” This will bring more equity to the housing market and make Canada a much better place to live.

Now, this does not acknowledge the fact that many Canadian homeowners are counting on the equity in their homes to provide them with funds in their retirement years. Losing a portion of that equity to a tax, is a blow to their retirement plans.

But, all those who are unable to purchase a home think it is a great idea. They think to themselves, those “elite” homeowners should be contributing more to society and helping them acquire what every Canadian family wants—a home of their own. Why should “rich people” be the only ones to own a home? It’s not fair.

The homeowners decide they are going to oppose this tax grab on their retirement funds. They organize petitions, mail and phone campaigns, and, finally, a protest. In doing so, they “disturb” the government leaders, especially the PM. Using the approach taken in February of 2022, they label the “free speech” of the protesters as “violent.” And, since they are now labelled “violent,” they must be considered “terrorists.” (All terms are defined by the government according to their whim.)

They are so disturbed and threatened by the uproar of this “fringe minority” that they invoke the Emergencies Act. Under this Emergencies Act, they issue an Emergency Economic Measures Order which “involves freezing the accounts and insurance policies of anyone involved in expressing an opinion contrary to the regime’s dictates and lies.” Thus, anyone who opposes their plans has their bank accounts frozen.

Think about what this means. Such “designated persons” can no longer buy food for themselves and their children, purchase gas for their vehicle (which they need for their employment), make payments on their car loan or mortgage (thus risking forfeiture of the same), nor participate in society.

And don’t for one minute think that their family or friends can help them out. Because, in the words of the Order: “Any entity . . . must, upon the coming into force of this Order, cease (d) providing any financial or related services to or for the benefit of any designated person or acquire any such services from or for the benefit of any such person or entity.”

All this, while the Constitution of Canada asserts that everyone has the right to peaceful protest against the authority of the government.

Freedom defenders from all across Canada join the peaceful demonstrations against the egregious violation of Constitutional rights. The non-homeowners are outraged at the disturbance caused by these protests and demand action. The noise of the protesters and counter-protesters gets louder. So the government, under the terms of the Emergencies Act, brings in the troops—thousands of them, and drives the protesters away.

The PM is pleased. “Ah, peace at last. That will show ‘em. Anyone who dares question our ways will be crushed. Now, let’s go skiing at the cottage.”

Welcome to the new (despotic) Canada. Don’t think it is so great? Neither do the truckers who’ve just had these schemes and tactics used on them. It is a time for all Canadians—those who love the truth and who believe that hard-working citizens should be able to keep what they’ve worked for—to stand up for what they believe in. Join the CHP and help us defend: Life, Family, Freedom!

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