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Defending Pro-Life Service Organizations

Thu, December 09, 2021   |   Author: David Darwin   |   | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Erosion of our freedoms is rampant. We are being governed by edict.

The Liberal Party in its Election Platform issued a blanket condemnation of all pro-life groups across Canada. They falsely claimed: “anti-choice organizations are actively working to spread misinformation about abortion, putting the health and safety of young people and vulnerable women at risk.”

Talk about “misinformation!” The facts do not back their assertion. But no matter, this is a party that feels any group that does not support limitless access to abortion should not receive taxpayer assistance. The care that pro-life organizations provide to women in a crisis pregnancy, who choose to consider their options, serves no useful purpose in their mind.

This threat to remove the charitable status of Crisis Pregnancy Centres is one of, unfortunately, too many examples of working to divide, rather than unite, Canadians. This is not the approach of the CHP.

Our CHP beliefs and principles cherish and support life. And that is what the Crisis Pregnancy Centres do. We believe it is grassroots organizations, not taxpayer-funded government that should be encouraged in their efforts to meet the various needs of Canadians.

The CHP joins many other organizations in standing up for the Crisis Pregnancy Centres and hundreds of pro-life community service organizations across this country. These organizations make invaluable contributions to Canadian society, providing resources, support, supplies, information, and options to women facing an unexpected or challenging pregnancy. The women served by these organizations seek out their assistance freely. We know the staff see the root causes of abortion and work to eliminate them, helping child and mother. God bless them.

Is this the thin edge of a wedge that will see any organization with which the government of the day disagrees – not just the Crisis Pregnancy Centres or other pro-life organizations – but any organization, be subject to restrictions or values tests that would impact their operations or even force them to close?

It is our hope and prayer that anyone thinking of supporting these divisive policies take this passage to heart.

“Do no evil, and evil will not overtake you;
avoid wickedness, and it will turn away from you.
Do not sow in the furrows of injustice, lest you harvest it sevenfold.”
(Sirach 7:1-3)

The CHP opposes any bill, motion, or regulatory policy that seeks to penalize Crisis Pregnancy Centres, or any pro-life service organization, in Canada. Write your MP today expressing your support for the loving, caring work of Crisis Pregnancy Centres.

[Abridged from a Parliament Hill speech delivered at the petition presentation regarding the funding of Crisis Pregnancy Centres, November 24, 2021.]

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