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Harvey, Irma, José and Kim (Jong-Un)

Tue, September 12, 2017   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 24    Issue 37   

America has run into a very tough gang of implacable adversaries in these last weeks and the end is not yet in sight. While powerful hurricanes—leaving paths of death and destruction—are no strangers to the Caribbean and the US southeast coast, the impact of Harvey and the threatened devastation of Irma (ongoing) are unprecedented. With the level of current information and advance warnings available today, Floridians have bought up all the gas and drinking water available and have been trying for days to get out of town, even clogging main traffic arteries to the point where some have given up on the idea of ever getting onto the freeway.

These two massive back-to-back hurricanes have broken into and taken over the news cycles, even giving Trump a break from the constant barrage of fake news. Real news is not only more interesting but actually more worthy of the care and concern of Americans. Canadians are concerned too; most of us have taken time to pray for the people facing the loss of life and property. Many are finding ways to contribute either with funds or by offers to physically help with the rebuilding. The President and US Congress have come together to extend billions of dollars of aid for rebuilding homes and infrastructure. As I write this, hurricane José is still an unknown quantity but certainly is an unwelcome threat looming on the horizon.

Against this very real backdrop, the ongoing trash talk coming from Kim Jong-Un, North Korea’s unhinged dictator, has been putting an unbelievable level of uncertainty on the US, which has been for decades the central model of democracy and freedom for the entire globe and the main gatekeeper of capitalism, innovation, and trade.

If it weren’t for hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the face-off between Trump and Kim would be the central story on front pages everywhere. It’s hard to reconcile the fact that the world teeters on the brink of a potential nuclear war without that being the most urgent news out there. With North Korea, the factors creating anxiety are many and complex. First, of course, is the mental/emotional instability of her leader. Kim Jong-Un has executed close relatives along with countless others. Some say his tough talk is a form of self-preservation. He’s been unable to keep his people properly fed; diverting their attention to a foreign enemy may be simply a distraction to insulate him from public criticism. The many ways in which the PRNK could launch a destructive nuclear attack on the US, Guam, Japan, and especially South Korea are mind-boggling. Aside from ballistic missiles and ICBMs, the North has submarines potentially capable of carrying warheads and putting them into action even underwater. With a conscienceless dictator, the use of chemical or biological weapons is not hard to imagine. Increasingly, one hears threats of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on North America, implemented either through a missile or even by the use of a satellite. As bad as the hurricanes are, the implications of a nuclear exchange between the US and Korea are too horrendous to contemplate. Yet the possibility is there.

What can we do about these things here in Canada? For the hurricane victims, we can pray and offer what financial help we can. Like those in BC who lost their homes and some their livelihoods in forest fires this summer, the very least we can do is pray. There will be massive needs for those rebuilding and we should help where we can. For the blustery threats of nuclear war coming from North Korea, we certainly must pray for peace. We must show our solidarity with the US as well; and diplomatically, Canada should be urging North Korea’s allies, China and Russia, to use their influence to keep Kim Jong-Un from throwing a temper tantrum that would mean the deaths of millions of people.

God’s Word should be our comfort here in spite of all the calamities and dangers we face. It is reassuring to know that none of this has caught our God by surprise. Jesus said, “You shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, but be not troubled…the end is not yet.” While He gives us time we must continue to represent Him in our nation and to present His unchanging truth to our friends and neighbours. “Work, for the night is coming.”

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada has not faltered on our commitment to provide godly leadership to our country. The healing of our land will be accomplished through God’s people humbly coming before the Lord in prayer and turning from our wicked ways. Now, more than ever, we must make our stand. Join today!

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