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Courts, Commons, and the Culture of Death

Tue, November 17, 2020   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 27    Issue 46 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

On Friday, November 13, 2020, the BC Court of Appeals ruled against the board of the Delta Hospice Society (DHS). DHS has fought to establish and retain the right to refuse membership in the society where applicants promote euthanasia and intend to force the Irene Thomas Hospice, operated by DHS, to provide MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying). The Delta Hospice Society President and the board have been fighting a legal battle for about a year to prevent the takeover of the palliative care society by hundreds of pro-MAiD activists who are trying to ensure that every hospice in BC participates in physician-assisted suicide.

The NDP government of BC and its Health Minister, Adrian Dix, have taken an active role in seeking to pressure the DHS to allow MAiD to take place in its 10-bed facility in Delta, B.C. Angelina Ireland and the current board have consistently maintained the position that from the founding of the Society, the focus has always been on providing high-quality palliative care, something that is severely lacking in Canada. It appears that some provinces are pushing euthanasia as a cost-saving measure and hoping to pawn it off to the public as “death with dignity,” the euphemistic description given by its proponents.

Mr. Dix has threatened to withdraw funding from the Irene Thomas Hospice and even to take over the facility if DHS does not cooperate. The multi-million dollar, world-class facility was built with private donations although it does operate with partial public funding. The Board is so passionate about protecting the sanctity of life that they have offered to greatly reduce the amount of funding they receive, but that offer has been rejected outright; only full participation in MAiD is acceptable to Mr. Dix.

Ms. Ireland points out that MAiD is readily available “just a minute down the road” at the Delta Hospital. She questions why the government is so intent on forcing DHS to provide MAiD when it goes against the values and purpose of the Society and would change the very nature of patient care. She and the DHS board plan to carry on the fight to protect the integrity of the Hospice and the sanctity and dignity of those who come to their facility for comfort at a time of physical decline. You can watch Ms. Ireland’s in-depth explanation of the situation in this videoclip of her presentation at the CHP-BC AGM in Abbotsford, Sept 12, 2020.

Across the country, the Prime Minister and his entire caucus, along with every NDP MP, every Bloc MP, and every Green MP, just voted in favour of Bill C-7 at 2nd reading. C-7 is the resurrected bill intended to make it easier to kill more old people faster under the MAiD legislation. It’s worth noting that when Mr. Trudeau’s Liberals passed MAiD in 2016, there was a provision for a review after five years. They couldn’t wait five years to try to expand the reach of this pernicious legislation. In 2016, we were assured there were “safeguards” in place to protect the vulnerable from ending their lives prematurely. We didn’t believe them then and with good cause. C-7 now is whittling away whatever few barriers there might have been. If C-7 passes 3rd Reading: it will remove the requirement that a person’s death must be “imminently foreseeable,” it will remove the protection against euthanasia being administered for mental illness, it will remove the ten-day waiting period, and it will allow for the lethal injection of a person incapable of giving informed consent on the day it is administered.

C-7 is another example of the decline of conscience and moral standards in Canadian law. It’s also another example of “judge-made” law as it was initiated by a court decision, much as the original MAiD legislation was crafted after the Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide were in conflict with the Charter.

While politicians like to blame the courts for their anti-life decisions, it is clearly the responsibility of MPs and MLAs to enact life-protecting legislation on behalf of their constituents. They should only approve judges with high moral values and who have a respect for the Charter Preamble that lays the foundation for understanding the Rights and Freedoms it speaks about: “Canada was founded on principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”.

To join the CHP and help us defend life, freedom and biblical moral values, visit us here. Contact your MP and tell him or her to vote against C-7.

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