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Countries Without Borders

Tue, November 13, 2018   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 25    Issue 46 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Have you ever pondered the difference between tolerance and acceptance? We hear so much about tolerance but the political left’s definition requires us to redefine tolerance to mean acceptance. Yup, I said “requires.”

Not embracing the opinions, thoughts, verbal expressions or actions required of a “tolerant society” is not tolerated. Rather than tolerating people’s differences we must embrace them… accept their opinion as our own. To do anything else will not be tolerated.

This intolerance is widely manifested: from the bullying by educators to ensure that children embrace required thoughts; to our Prime Minister’s eager grovelling to the United Nations, which requires that migration from other countries be embraced. We have entered an age of tyranny of opinion.

Those in authority, at many levels, believe so strongly in their own infallibility that we, mere plebeians, are required to bow down before their intolerable intolerance.

Thankfully, there are some countries, such as the United States and Australia, that are rebelling against the intolerance of national sovereignty. Hungary also refuses to tolerate the destruction of their national identity.

These three countries are seeking to protect their national sovereignty and national identity by refusing to sign the Global Compact on Migration.

On the other hand, our Prime Minister thinks Canada is the “first post national state” with no “core identity.”

According to the Washington Post: “Trudeau’s rhetoric alludes to a goal, popular in center-left circles, of a Canada that has reached an almost transcendent level of multicultural democracy, in which all historically restrictive conceptions of nationalism — race, religion, language, culture — are vanquished in favor of an inclusive citizenship based on simple acknowledgement of shared humanity. Immigration can and should remain high (Canada’s rates are already among the highest, per capita, on Earth) and assimilation discouraged, lest the majority population attempt to enforce a ‘mainstream.’"

Average Canadian plebeians object to illegal migration and ISIS fighters being fawned over by our Prime Minister and the mainstream media. But our Prime Minister plugs his ears and calls for our borders to be porous to whomever shows up and says they want in.

Ontario and Quebec have requested millions of dollars in assistance to cover the cost of illegal immigrants, while our Liberal government tells us that Canadians are racist and intolerant; signs the Global Compact on Migration, which tell us that we are racist, xenophobic, and intolerant; and burdens us with M-103 to convince us that we are racist and intolerant.

Canadians, burdened under a heavy tax burden, are called intolerant because we want our borders defended so we can cover the cost of raising our families. Interestingly, some Canadians feel that it’s important to work to better our own lives not just to support others who arrive at our borders to enjoy our social benefits that can carry them from cradle to grave.

It’s time for Canadians to preserve the freedoms of our way of life and stand against despotic rules of international organizations and left leaning governments.

Next year, Canadians have the opportunity to take back Canada for Canadians. We have the opportunity to protect the sovereignty of our country. We have the opportunity to take back our heritage. We have the opportunity to take back our judicial system in which all individuals are equal under the law rather than specially designated group rights. We have the opportunity to once again stand proud and sing “O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.” Let’s use the next year to inform Canadians who have not seen the danger our current course presents to our freedom and equality.

Canada is a sovereign nation. As such, we need to protect our borders. We must make rules for the benefit of our country and our citizens. We should benevolently support other countries where there is a need but our hard earned money should not be arbitrarily taken from us to support the goals of an international organization. We have a right to protect our borders from invasions that will endanger our way of life… our heritage.

How are you going to “stand on guard for” Canada?

Here is a Parliamentary Petition stating, “We, the undersigned, Canadians, call upon the Government of Canada to likewise withdraw from the Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.”

We believe Canada is a sovereign nation that must protect our borders, our freedoms, our equalities, our heritage.

Support, promote, and vote CHP Canada to restore Canadian sovereignty and protect our way of life.

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