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Countdown in Cowtown

Tue, March 07, 2017   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 24    Issue 10   

Spring is in the air and earlier than usual. Regardless of the weather, in Calgary, two men have stepped forward to represent the Christian Heritage Party in the federal by-elections currently underway.

Jeff Willerton is a veteran, an experienced political writer, self-employed and the author of the book: Fix Canada. He is representing CHP Canada in Calgary Heritage, a seat formerly held by Stephen Harper.

Long-time CHP member Larry Heather is a radio producer and works in audio restoration along with his many efforts to restore justice and freedom in the area of politics. He is seeking to win the district of Calgary Midnapore, the riding of former Cabinet Minister Jason Kenney.

Voters will go to the polls on April 3 to determine who will represent them in Ottawa.

Both Larry and Jeff are working hard to bring the CHP’s unique perspectives to bear on federal politics. Looking back over the nine years during which the federal Conservative Party held the reins in Ottawa, the lack of progress on issues like abortion, traditional marriage and even balancing the budget highlights the need for the principled policies of CHP Canada. The fact that the current Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is worse on every issue of importance to small-c conservatives (and especially social conservatives) does not prove there is a need for Canadians to compromise on the protection of innocent human life, freedom of speech and the preservation of moral values in our public schools. We do not need to accept “the lowest common denominator” in terms of political values. In fact, recent history demonstrates that the sacrifice of moral values in the interest of presumed partisan advantage will ultimately result in disappointing outcomes even in economics.

Conservative Party members and candidates like to talk about “balanced budgets” and—compared to Justin Trudeau’s first year in office and his expected spending spree over the next few years—they raise some legitimate questions. Mr. Trudeau’s shockingly naïve comment that “budgets will balance themselves” showed to any Canadians who were listening that his economic philosophy was a “thin air” approach, geared more to vote-getting than to the hard work of the practical management of economic realities. The question is: how “balanced” was the budget under Mr. Harper and how accurate are the claims being made by Conservative MPs as they recount their past achievements? The answer to both questions is: not very.

Depending on whose numbers you use and which dates you use (federal fiscal years span parts of two calendar years and new governments take over before a fiscal year or a calendar year is complete), Stephen Harper’s Conservatives added more than $129 Billion to the national debt. If you measure from the low point achieved in 2007 to the debt level at the time of the 2015 general election, the number is over $140 billion. Stephen Harper’s campaign promise in 2008 to “not go into deficit” was swallowed up in 2009 by the highest annual deficit in Canadian history. Although they eked out a small $1.9 billion surplus in their last year in office, when Conservatives claim that they routinely balanced the budget under Stephen Harper, that is simply not true. We are significantly deeper in debt now than when they first took office.

Even more importantly, the Harper approach to the issues of the sanctity of life must be faced squarely by those voters in Calgary for whom values of life are important. Mr Harper actively resisted every attempt by his own backbenchers to raise the issue of abortion. He resisted MP Ken Epp’s Unborn Victims of Violence Bill. He resisted MP Rod Bruinooge’s Anti Coercion Bill (Roxanne’s Law). He resisted MP Stephen Woodworth’s Personhood Motion and MP Mark Warawa’s Gendercide Motion. When the Supreme Court ordered assisted suicide, Mr. Harper refused to use the Notwithstanding Clause to protect the elderly and vulnerable. These sad facts are part of his legacy.

Our candidates in Calgary are offering voters a different vision and are also taking on issues of national security, freedom of speech, protection of children from gender-confusion and from the encroachment of shariah law. We are grateful to these and other candidates who will step forward in the future to defend traditional Canadian values based on biblical moral principles.

You can find more about Jeff or donate to his campaign at his campaign website.

You can find out more Larry or donate to his campaign at his campaign website.

By-elections are a great opportunity to bring the CHP message to new communities and to offer alternatives to voters who may never have heard about the CHP. Let’s work together to ensure that we have even more candidates ready to go when the next by-elections are called!

Join CHP Canada today and leave your positive mark on Canada’s political landscape.

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