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Cognitive Dissonance on Life-Saving Measures

Tue, March 31, 2020   |   Author: Peter Vogel   |   Volume 27    Issue 13 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

COVID-19 has killed at least 39 people in Canada so far. If we can assume the same rates as 2018 (PDF), abortion has killed well over 200*. Not just this month, or even this week; over 200 each day.

How many deaths are acceptable? When it comes to dealing with COVID-19, there is a strong and unifying response; if we each do our part, there will be far less chance of others and ourselves contracting the virus. Fewer lives will be lost, and that is what we want.

If we all sacrifice a little, many lives could be saved!

What a noble sentiment, and one that we should not only apply to the spread of a virus, but to other issues in our society. If we each sacrificed a little more for vulnerable people, how many of their lives would be improved and saved from despair and suicide? If we each sacrificed a little, how many babies would be saved from abortion?

Oh, now let’s not go too far! Abortion is a separate issue, a right and a necessity, some say. This is where cognitive dissonance becomes apparent; on the one hand, governments around the world are taking extreme measures to save some lives, while at the same time increasing access to abortions.

As they say, you couldn’t write this stuff. In the midst of this pandemic, the Parliament of New Zealand somehow thought that passing a new law to enshrine a right to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy would be a good thing to do. What kind of a person (let alone a group of people) can pay lip-service to the idea of saving lives, and then go and vote to allow them to be taken at their most vulnerable stage for any reason?

Let’s take this a little closer to home; some states in the US have shut down abortion clinics during this pandemic, and good for them, but how long will that last if they are only doing it for economic or pandemic concerns?

In Canada, on the other hand, where many provinces have ordered non-essential services and businesses to be shut down, we don’t have abortion clinics shutting down. That’s right, while our hospitals and health care workers are being stretched, and our provincial and federal budget-deficits are ballooning, we somehow still have manpower and resources to expend on abortions!

What kind of a society sees killing babies as an “essential service” even while other services are being shut down to save lives? A society with a severe case of cognitive dissonance!

Cognitive dissonance is when the professed beliefs, words, and actions of a person are at odds with each other; for example, a person who lectures on the need for more honesty in human interactions, and afterwards goes and cheats on his/her spouse.

Canada’s governments have been lecturing us on the need for more care and safety in our interactions, maintaining social distance, etc. However, they are doing nothing to reduce the risk of transmission by curtailing abortion (which is neither a medical necessity nor a Charter right). There is an obvious risk of a practitioner (I don’t want to use the word doctor) spreading COVID-19 to a woman (or vice-versa) while performing a surgical abortion. And that’s without taking the life of the pre-born child into account.

For practical purposes, (and this is somewhat morbid), euthanasia should also be discouraged at the present because of the possibility of overburdening funeral homes etc. during a time of pandemic. Have we noticed governments taking this into account and discouraging the ongoing practice of “medical assistance in dying” (MAiD)? No, we have not. It is, in fact, the opposite. In some jurisdictions social distancing is being taken seriously and doctors are not examining patients, but instead prescribe life-ending drugs on the phone.

We need all medical personnel engaged in the battle against COVID-19. Devoting time and scarce medical resources to ending lives is irresponsible and immoral.

Pro-life Canadians need to remind our governments that we respect and value all life; that is why we are concerned about the pandemic, and that is why we are concerned about abortion and about MAiD. We are consistent. Our words, beliefs, and actions are not at odds with each other, though there is always room for improvement in how we apply our beliefs to our actions.

If you share our concern, here is an action you can take: contact your local Member of Parliament (Federal, Provincial, or both) and thank them for their concern about the pandemic; then ask them to consider the value of life—not only in relation to COVID-19, but also in relation to the lives of the pre-born and those who are considering medically-assisted suicide.

Another action you can take is to sign this petition reminding our Provincial Premiers that pregnancy is not a disease!

CHP continues to be the party that stands for the value of life—before, during, and after a pandemic. If you believe this perspective is important for Canada, please get involved in CHP.

*Note: This number of daily abortions does not include pharmaceutically-induced abortions that take place outside of a hospital or a clinic.

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