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CHP Candidates Shine the Light in Every Province

Tue, October 01, 2019   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 26    Issue 39 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

By the time you read this, candidate nominations (registrations with Elections Canada) will be closed. As of this writing, there are 50 CHP candidates on the ballot across the country with at least one candidate in every province. Each precious candidate is proof that there are still individuals with the courage and conviction to offer themselves to Canadian voters who are sick of the status quo and our national loss of morality and common sense.

I am so grateful for the men and women who have agreed to stand with us in Election 2019, representing the CHP platform supporting Life! Family! and Freedom! The changes that have taken place in Canada over the past 40 years have done much damage to the family and our freedoms are under attack as never before. Nearly 4 million pre-born babies have died at the hands of the abortion industry. Before we move too quickly past those numbers . . . that’s 11% of our population killed by abortion.

Parents have seen the state attempting to usurp their God-given role as the primary educators of their children. Responsible advocates for family values have faced fines, intimidation and even jail time for daring to speak the truth regarding biology, gender and sexuality.

Our candidates enter this race knowing that the biased national media—particularly the taxpayer-funded CBC—will either ignore them or attack them. This is already evident in CBC’s pathetically narrow Vote Compass and in their so-called coverage of the party leaders’ activities. I’m the leader of a registered national party but 18 days into the campaign, I have not yet been contacted by the biased CBC regarding any aspect of our campaign. Even when Trudeau’s favoured media outlets (yes, the ones he chose to throw $595 million at . . . on top of the CBC’s annual dollop of $1.6 billion) tried to get Andrew Scheer to make some kind of anti-abortion statement, the talking heads spoke with Liberals, NDP, Conservative and Green Party leaders but never once called on the CHP, the only party with a clear and consistent policy of protecting “innocent human life from conception until natural death”.

This bias against the truth, against morality, against common sense . . . would only be annoying if it weren’t so damaging to the next generation. So many young voters have not been given enough information about the candidates or the issues; they have not been taught how to think but have been told what to think. It is a huge disservice to Canadian voters, taxpayers and the generations to come who will have to live with the policies of our next government and who will have to pay for its programs.

The media chorus has a small list of topics that it revisits and promotes: so-called “choice”, gender identity issues, climate change and the costly policies presumed to thwart it, racial inequities and the state funding of education, housing and medicine. Beyond these, it has little interest . . . unless some scandal or new angle on a news story might cause public reaction against conservative-minded people. A quick scan of all the major media shows how little attention they are paying to the CHP. Even in their “races to watch” or “ridings to watch” articles, they are shamelessly pre-judging the candidates and the issues, often only highlighting the leftist politicians on the ballot.

All this could be quite discouraging if we didn’t know that God is still on the throne and He is the One who raises up governments and brings them down . . . in His own time and for His own purposes. He knows the end from the beginning. He raises up men and women to proclaim the truth and He is able to do “exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think”. Unlike the biased national media, we don’t claim to know how this election will end nor who will be called to Ottawa to represent their constituents and their values. But God does.

Here in my own riding of Skeena—Bulkley Valley and in ridings across the country, Christian Heritage Party candidates will be presenting ideas at the debates and at the doorsteps in their communities . . . ideas that are time-tested and proven. Ideas about the value and dignity of human life. Ideas about the importance of the family unit and the critical need to preserve the freedom to defend those principles. The faithful proclamation of truth carries its own reward and will impact our society regardless of electoral outcomes. But if voters pay attention, ignore the media buzz and choose the candidates representing moral justice and common sense, the CHP could be sending its first MPs to Ottawa.

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