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Canada’s ‘birth dearth’

Mon, August 20, 2007   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

CBC news recently announced that births in Canada are 'way down-and at critical levels.

Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. The Christian Heritage Party has been telling people for 20 years now that we're heading for a crisis with regards to our Canadian birth rate.

Who will take care of the aging population when "we" get old?

Many people are looking to the government for help. I'm not sure the government can help; if they really want to do something about this situation they must recognize certain fundamental problems that have arisen due to poor public policy. Couple that with the governments' fear of the courts-which have become our "law makers"-and you have a problem.

It's not right. The government must stand up to the courts.

Let me suggest a couple of solutions.

1. Stop the slaughter of the unborn. They deserve-they have the right to-the full protection of the law. They are the most vulnerable members of our society, and they need security from those who would deny them a future. A law needs to be put in place for their protection.

2. Enact laws or protect laws that strengthen the family (one man and one woman with their children); support them by providing the means to enable one parent to stay at home to raise the family. Contrary to some liberal-thinking people, many credible academic studies show that the conventional family structure is by far the best way to raise children.

So the CBC is touting this as a "news" story? It's not new. This problem has been here for years already.

Life is precious; it is a gift from God. Let's treat life as the precious thing that it is!

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