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Bullies in the Classroom

Tue, January 23, 2018   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 25    Issue 4   

The rights of Canadian children to a safe and secure learning environment have never been in greater jeopardy than they are today.

In spite of a series of programs and protocols purportedly designed to protect children from bullying, today’s classroom has become a place of ruthless indoctrination and intolerance.  Students, parents, teachers, and school board trustees who resist the relentless tide of propaganda are ridiculed, isolated, and vilified. Unless they are very strong, they are silenced because the bullies gathered against them—while claiming to be champions of diversity—cannot tolerate diverse opinions.

The latest victim of the LGBTQ “smear and silence” campaign is Barry Neufeld, School Board Trustee in Chilliwack, BC. In October, 2017, Mr. Neufeld had the temerity to question the implementation of SOGI 123, the BC curriculum being forced on students, parents, teachers, and school boards across the province. SOGI 123 is radical sex ed. program written by gay activists and being foisted on schoolchildren without the consent or involvement of parents. Mr. Neufeld said (correctly) that allowing little children (to) choose to change gender is nothing short of child abuse.” For that remark, echoed by the American College of Pediatricians in their position paper: Gender Ideology Harms Children, he has been attacked, threatened, accused of homophobia, and pressured to resign.

Barry Neufeld, a former Corrections officer, has served faithfully on the Chilliwack Board of Education for the past 25 years. His passionate protection of vulnerable children and the rights of parents to determine the best moral and educational goals for their own children has motivated him to stand up to the bullies within the Education Ministry and within the BC Teachers Federation (BCTF) in spite of the pressure being brought against him.

So where is this pressure coming from? It’s not surprising to learn that the President of the BCTF, Glen Hansman is a radical gay activist and the SOGI curriculum has his fingerprints all over it. The BCTF and the Education Ministry have been working hand-in-glove with the ARC Foundation to push explicit and graphic sex education on young children. Through their “Out in Schools” program and their “Sex at Lunch” program, they have been seeking to desensitize children to the images, terminology, and behaviours of homosexuality and lesbianism. For years now, they have played the “bullying” card, claiming that same-sex attracted students are being unfairly treated, even blaming traditional hetero-normative values as the cause of suicides and depression. Their agenda smacks of a self-serving ideology and crosses over into the ridiculous when they demand—as they do—that teachers should no longer use the terms “boys and girls” or “mothers and fathers” lest it offend someone.

Last Tuesday, I attended a public school board meeting in Chilliwack where LGBTQ activists—many from outside the school district—were aggressively massed on the sidewalks around the building, demanding Mr. Neufeld’s resignation. Inside, the board was attempting to conduct regular school board business, receiving reports from various committees and making normal decisions. Outside, the hate-filled chants of “Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho! Barry Neufeld’s got to go!” filled the air. At several points, the racket was so loud that we in the room could not even hear the District Superintendent giving her report through a microphone.

Since then, the Board has caved to the pressure of the rabid sex-activist mob and has called for Barry’s resignation. The Education Minister has also weighed in against diversity of opinion in calling for Mr. Neufeld to step down. Barry is standing firm as an elected official and refusing to cede the victory to the aggressive enemies of moral and biological truth. We thank him for doing that. We need more people like him. May his example stir many others to step up and confront the LGBTQ agenda and the belligerent mob seeking to undermine and destroy the traditional family.

The irony that those who claim to represent a vulnerable minority should be gathered to silence the lonely voice of reason boggles the mind. Mr. Neufeld has already been denied physical access to some school facilities and functions where he—as a trustee—should be welcome. That is just one more example of tyranny, deception, and despotism within a system crumbling from the inside.

It’s time for men and women who value reason, who value freedom of speech, who value the family and who recognize the primary role of parents in the lives of their children to stand up to the bullies. We need to be vocal in our support of Barry Neufeld. We must not allow our children to be force-fed an ideology that is harmful to their physical and emotional health and their security within the bounds of faith, family, and freedom.

To learn more about this case visit: Culture Guard, and Parents United Canada. Kari Simpson and Pastor Paul Dirks are working hard to educate parents, teachers, and religious leaders on the threats to their children under the SOGI program. Another important voice on this matter is Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson of 700 Club who has posted an insightful interview on the topic here (about 18 minutes . . . some adult content due to the serious content of the SOGI curriculum).

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