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An apology to CRY 2 HIM

Tue, August 01, 2006   |   Author: Ron Gray   |   Volume 13    Issue 32 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

This Communiqué is an apology to the organizers of the 'CRY 2 HIM' youth rally on Parliament Hill July 15.

There is no comfortable way to say this: I blew it. I fell into a trap I have often warned others about: in my haste, I took the only media report I saw, and I believed what it said about my brothers and sisters in the faith. I was wrong.

That newspaper quoted one platform speaker as praising the Conservative government's stand on social and moral issues. MC and organizer Faytene Kryskow tells me the quote was incorrect. I believe her.

She also tells me that the major media covered the rally extensively; I missed their coverage and so I assumed—wrongly—that they had ignored it.

My fault: sloppy research.

Therefore I'm going to ask the CHP web-master and archivist to delete Communiqué Vol. 13 No. 31.

Really, only one point in that Communiqué was correct: the third sentence, which I reproduce here to preserve it:

“These young people, who are concerned about the moral climate of the nation they are inheriting, deserve commendation for standing up in public and calling the nation to prayer.”

I wish that was all I'd written.

-Ron Gray

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