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A Lesson From History

Tue, September 26, 2023   |   Author: Hildegard Horie   |   Volume 30    Issue 39 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Hildegard Horie lives on Vancouver Island and has contributed this article for the benefit of our members. She was a little girl in Germany during the Nazi regime. In this article, she offers her personal insights about the past and her concerns about Canada’s current trajectory.

Where is the history students can learn today? We read in the National Post that “weeding guidelines direct librarians to remove books that may have misinformation, are misleading, or reinforce racist content or information that is not gender affirming....” Everything now is controlled by the “woke warriors” of the LGBT community, eager to promote their gender philosophy, destroying the next generation.

I grew up in Germany under Hitler. Even though I was a little child, I still remember. Looking back, I can see some similarities between Germany then and Canada today:

Germany before Hitler: It was a difficult time in Germany. People needed hope. They were trying to recover from the lost war (WW1). They could not see a future. Then came Hitler. Nobody knew who he was. He promised them new life and a future. He captivated them with his speeches. They saw him as their saviour. They believed in him. He gave them hope. He became their god and they worshipped him and followed him. People greeted each other with raised arms: “Heil Hitler!” They trusted him. Those who opposed were silenced. People did not know that Hitler was inspired and directed by the occult.

Canada under Trudeau: Daily living has become more difficult. Unemployment, food shortages, daily fear mongering of the media about “climate change,” financial uncertainty . . . . Now the WEF (World Economic Forum) has intruded. Nobody voted them in. They have taken control of much of the world with their Global Reset agenda.

Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, Yuval Noah Harari, Obama, the Clintons, Rockefeller and the rest of the Elite surround themselves with an atmosphere like that of Hitler…. Satan has showered them with riches and given his agents key positions in politics, science, economy, education, media, even in health care and the justice system.

COVID was born, a welcome tool in the hands of the Elite, who used mandatory injections of an experimental substance as their weapon to reach their goal of world control and reduce the world population. People were bombarded by the paid media with bad news about Covid, which could be easily treated, but those treatments were forbidden. Doctors who dared to inform their patients lost their licenses and were punished. Many doctors left the country. The health care system began to break down.

Masks were obligatory, church services closed, while secular places were open. Christians were silenced, some persecuted and imprisoned. Singing was not allowed, even prayer in the open sport field was forbidden. A peaceful protest of hundreds of truckers against the unjustified mandate was brutally ended by the Government, bank accounts of those supporting the protest were frozen. The Charter protecting freedom of speech was ignored.

Deaths and injuries resulting from experimental so-called vaccines began . . . and continue. The number of people killed and injured by the vaccines is not reported by the mainstream media but estimates range from tens of thousands to millions. Governments are hiding the stats. One source of info for the U.S. and Territories is Open VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Dr. Rainer Fuellmich has called the Corona scandal the greatest crime against humanity ever committed (PDF).

Jews in Germany: Hitler told the people that the Jews were their enemies, taking away their business, causing all the misery . . . and people began to hate what Hitler hated and to do what he told them to do. Jewish businesses were destroyed, nobody was allowed to buy from Jews in Germany. They were shipped to concentration camps, gassed, murdered through injections. 6 million of them were killed just for being Jews, many tried to leave the country, but not all were able to do so.

Jews in Canada: On June 7, 1939 the ship St. Louis—with 907 Jewish refugees, trying to escape the persecution in Germany—was denied entry into Canada, “None is too many. . .” The ship had to return. 254 of them died in the Holocaust in Germany. Years later, Trudeau stood in the House of Commons and apologized for the Mackenzie King government sending innocent people away to their death. “Never again” was like a holy promise. But what about hate crimes committed today against the Jewish population? They became the most frequent target of religiously motivated hate crimes in 2016. Trudeau in practice has allowed what he condemned in words.

Under Trudeau’s mandatory injection policies, we heard Trudeau calling those not willing to take the experimental injections: a “fringe minority.” “Do we have to tolerate them?” “They are endangering us and our grandparents…” Division and hate were sown. The Unvaccinated in Canada became like the Jews under Hitler. They were not allowed to travel freely, nor use certain restaurants or stores. Some were imprisoned. Some are still behind bars or defending themselves in court.

Unworthy life in Germany under Hitler: The Nazis saw people with disabilities as an obstacle in their goal to create an idealized “German race.” In 1939, the Nazi regime began systematically to cleanse Germany from those not fit for the future of their paradise. The so-called Nazi Euthanasia Program murdered those with mental and physical disabilities. They were gassed in concentration camps or murdered through lethal injections by doctors. It claimed the lives of an estimated 250,000 people.

Unworthy life in Canada under Trudeau: Many unborn babies are not welcome in Canada today, their humanity denied. Abortion has been legalized and so has Euthanasia. Millions of babies were killed in abortion, and sometimes their organs are sold for profit. Euthanasia, called MAID, has in many cases replaced loving care. The government plans to offer it to people with mental illness . . . next Spring.

Germany after WW2: Germany was broken, the once proud nation devastated. Hitler was dead. Germany was torn into pieces, millions had died. Divine Judgment made an end of the self-proclaimed paradise and destroyed Hitler’s megalomania. His dream of a “thousand year reign” was dead. It lasted 12 years.

The Nuremberg Trials in 1945 - 1946 were an attempt to bring some of the war criminals to justice. Dr. Josef Mengele, the “angel of death,” was one of those, who performed deadly experiments on prisoners in the concentration camp in Auschwitz, with genetic research on human subjects. Now he was one of those being judged by an international jury. Voluntary informed consent of humans who participate in medical experiments was declared as absolutely essential and finally became international law.

Canada after WW2: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) declared Canada to be a Nation under the Supremacy of God. It became the highest law of the country, guaranteeing a number of rights and freedoms, including freedom of expression and the right to equality. However, Parliament and the courts have not honoured that foundation. God has been removed from our education system and public life. The Bible now qualifies as “hate literature” in the eyes of some, with portions of Scripture about homosexual sin not allowed to be quoted.

We were made to endure (and pay for) “Pride Month”; that’s now become Pride season. People are forced to bow down or face consequences. Street crossings are painted in rainbow colours. Rainbow flags are raised over important buildings to show support, just as the swastika had been raised over every public institution in Nazi Germany. Pride has become the new god that all citizens are told they must worship.

Father and mother are being replaced with “gay couples,” science in schools is replaced by perverse sexual education, children are being told that gender is fluid, boys can be girls and girls boys and a growing number are mutilated daily. Parents are forbidden to affirm their own children in regard to their birth sex. Those who insist on parental rights and biological reality could have their children taken away or even go to prison.

Gender ideology and greed are rotting the medical community to its core, making the mutilation of children a billion-dollar “Gender Industry,” targeting children for medical mutilation. More than 48,000 people, including 3,678 patients aged 12-18 years, were surgically mutilated between 2016-2019 . . . the “gender surgery industry” in the United States was originally valued at $1.9 billion, and was estimated to be $2.1 billion in 2022. It’s expected to grow to $5 billion by 2030.…”

Since God was removed from public life, Canada has collapsed, morally and economically. There is a “new morality,” which has nothing to do with the Jewish or Christian faith. Old values are being cancelled and replaced. The Ten Commandments are ignored and replaced with more bills of tyranny. Canada is no longer governed as a Nation under the Supremacy of God, as stated in the Charter.

Abortion and Transgenderism are now rampant. Euthanasia is becoming normalized. Hard street drugs are now easily available and our cities have become war zones. Suicides and drug overdose deaths are growing at an alarming rate.

Christians are forbidden in many places to peacefully protest against abortion, or even pray before an abortion facility. Reading the Bible in school is forbidden, while some schools allow Satan-worshipping clubs; “Drag Queen Story Hours” are now common.

Our so-called democracy is becoming a tyranny with rule by a few elite. The Government wants total control over every aspect of life. The UN and WHO continue to push a “new world order” . . .”build back better”. . . “the Great Reset” . . .

Under the WEF (World Economic Forum), it’s not about nationhood any more, now everything is Global. Next comes Digital ID and Digital Currency. Surveillance cameras are planned everywhere. They want to eliminate private property. “15 minute cities” are already promoted to save the planet from “climate change” . . . . Soon people will be watched day and night. There will be no privacy anymore. The mockery against God has become daily news.

But history is no longer properly taught in our schools, so mistakes can be repeated easily. We have to learn from the past or we will fall for the same deceptions.

Justice in Canada: Our justice system has failed. According to the National Post, over 76% of Trudeau-appointed judges have made political donations to the Liberal Party in the past. How can they be non-biased? Trinity Western University was denied a Law Faculty, because their student-lawyers would be asked to adhere to Biblical standards of conduct. That means fewer Christian lawyers and judges in the future.

Canada is in darkness and falling under the influence of evil forces. We must expose the works of darkness and break the spell of deception which has destroyed other nations in the past . . . nations like Germany.

If we want to survive as a nation, we have to return to biblical morality and justice as specified in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms . . . and become again a nation under the Supremacy of God. If we continue on the path we are on right now, Divine Judgment will come to Canada as it came to Germany.

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