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A Bounty on American Soldiers?

Wed, July 05, 2017   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |     

On July 4th, Canadians were astounded to discover that our Prime Minister has promised to pay a bounty on the life of American Special Forces Medic, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class, Christopher Speer. Tossed in for free, I guess, was the eye lost by Sgt. Layne Morris.

Most of us remember that Canada was involved in the War in Afghanistan from 2001-2011, after which we stayed on in a non-combative role until 2014.

While our Canadian soldiers fought alongside of our allies, supporting the war effort with our own troops, a Canadian young offender killed and maimed at least two of our allies. He was rightly arrested and rightly received medical care, in part by the fellow medics of Sgt. Christopher Speer, whom Khadr had killed.

Khadr was shipped to Guantanamo Bay in 2002. We may support his behaviour in Guantanamo Bay and we may suspect that he was poorly treated. His lawyer claims that he was wrongfully interrogated. For those families who had members deployed in Iraq, I’m sure that they felt interrogating the captured enemy soldiers was a good idea. For those who stood on the Highway of Heroes to welcome back our fallen soldiers, I’m sure they felt that intelligence was a good thing to gather. All of which are apart from the situation today.

In April 2009, the Federal Court of Canada ruled that Khadr’s rights had been violated and that Canada had a “duty to protect” Khadr and ordered that the Canadian government seek to have him repatriated, as soon as possible.

So there you have it, he was an active combatant against Canada in a war—that’s normally called “treason”—a crime that normally carries a life sentence in Canada.

But, Khadr is also a confessed murderer and mutilator, which carries, for a 15 year old, 5-7 years for the murder plus up to 10 years for Assault Causing Bodily Harm under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Aren’t you feeling sorry for him already?

Khadr was transferred to Canada in 2012, to serve out the balance of his eight year sentence, which would have ended in 2018. But by 2015, he was out of prison. Then came the media grovelling all over him. The poster child for injustice…he murdered, he maimed, he provided material support for terrorism and spying, and he committed treason…but the poor fellow deserves to be treated like a hero.

If you’re like me, it troubled you to see him smirking before the cameras. No, he didn’t apologize for killing Sgt. Speers or maiming Sgt. Morris. He smiled and said he was sorry for the hurt caused Mrs. Speers and her fatherless children. Did he support Al Quaeda still? “Not right now”. A truly ‘repentant hero’, eh? Or, should that be a ‘repugnant hero?’

Which brings us to July 4th, 2017 when our prime minister shoved a finger in the eye of our American neighbours and allies. Remember them? We went to war with them…as allies… the war in which Omar Khadr fought for the other side.

“The judicial process is coming to a conclusion”, said our prime minister; so our government will be offering an apology… on the 4th of July… along with a stipend of $10.5 million for the trouble caused to a terrorist, murderer, maimer, and traitor. Or, was that a bounty paid on the heads of our allies?

Normally an apology is reserved for when you have done something wrong and should be a spontaneous utterance. An apology is meaningless when ordered by our Judicial Oligarchy because they think a terrorist, murderer, maimer and traitor should be cuddled because he took a few licks along the way.

Our Prime Minister cannot say that he apologizes for me because I don’t apologize to a terrorist. I apologize to our allies who had our Prime Minister’s finger stuck in their eye on their very important July 4th celebration. I apologize to Tabitha, Taryn and Tanner Speer for the loss of husband and father. I apologize for the unknown number of people killed and maimed using the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that Omar Khadr assembled. I apologize because a Canadian committed these acts. I don’t apologize to the Canadian who committed these crimes.

Normally, a government sides with its allies against their common enemy rather than siding with the enemy.

Are all the people Omar Khadr victimized along the way just collateral damage to our government; are they insignificant people who didn’t really matter compared to the confessed terrorist, murderer, maimer and traitor?

CHP Canada does not support terrorists. We believe that crime deserves a punishment. We believe that the heinous crimes that this man committed deserve a worthy punishment. We believe that Omar Khadr should, rightly be in prison until 2018, the end of the negotiated settlement that allowed his repatriation. We do not believe that the taxpayers should be robbed of their hard-earned money to be given to a terrorist, murderer, maimer and traitor.

CHP Canada believes victims should be supported, not the sniffling aggressors who whimper to escape their just punishment.

Omar Khadr is just one person. Just one person upon whom our left-leaning media and misguided politicians and talking heads have spent way too much time and attention. What does this crazy gesture say to others who may be tempted to take up arms against innocent Canadians and our allies? Our policies and responses to terror, murder and treason should be geared to deterrence, not reward. Compare this treatment to that of peaceful abortion protestor Linda Gibbons who has saved over 100 lives and for her efforts has spent over 11 years in a Canadian maximum security prison. Where’s the justice?

It’s really time for common sense to prevail. It’s really time for Canadians to say, “enough is enough”. It’s time for Canadians to stand on our traditional values. Join CHP Canada today. Say, “enough.”

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