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A Canada Without Laws

Tue, April 02, 2019   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 26    Issue 13 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

How often do Canadians stop to consider the rule of law and how important is it to our world-view? How often do we consider the importance of the “upper class” being required to follow the same law as the “middle and lower classes”? Is ‘being equal under the law’ important anymore?

My Canada is in trouble! I’m not sure how you perceive the SNC-Lavalin crisis which has unfolded over the past couple of months, but I see it as part of a greater crisis.

If we look at the leader of our government, how does he measure up to the ‘all people are equal under the law’ theory? Not only as a youth, but even as a Member of Parliament, Justin Trudeau admits to smoking marijuana. Oh, it’s ok! He changed the law so it’s not illegal any more. Wait a minute! The point is that our Prime Minister broke the law while serving as a Member of Parliament. He proudly proclaimed the fact while other Canadians were being charged for breaking the law. Is he above the law or under the law? I think the answer is obvious. Was he hallucinating when he made some of the dictatorial rulings that he’s made as Prime Minister?

His brother, Michel—before his tragic death in an avalanche—also was treated with kid gloves when he ran afoul of the law. Justin knows that his family received privileged treatment! The law is for the ‘little people’ not for them. Tangles with the law are easily dealt with — “My father had a couple of connections,” said Justin Trudeau. Equal under the law? Michel Trudeau’s charges simply went away.

We see the same indifference by the Prime Minister to ethics laws in Canada. He is again being investigated by the Ethics Commissioner. He has faced five ethics violations investigations since being elected to office and been found guilty of two of them. Does another conviction matter? He is, after all, above the law

Let’s consider his opinion of the nation that he was elected to govern. We’ve all heard our Prime Minister’s opinion on Canada… it’s “a post-national state.” He has decided that we are no longer a country. I don’t remember voting on dissolving our country. I don’t remember agreeing to become a “post-national state”. He decided that’s what we are … all by himself … He doesn’t need the input of Canadians on the topic. It’s his decision to dissolve our country. His alone!

What about the protection of our way of life … our worldview. As PM Trudeau has declared us “a post-national state”, there is nothing to protect. There was no reason for him not to sign the “Global Compact for Migration”. His Canada has no borders! Anybody who wants to come can come. Terrorists? Drug cartel personnel? Murderers? Thieves? Who cares! We don’t have a country to protect; nor do we have laws that matter; nor do we only accept law abiding citizens… anyone who wants to can come, it’s open borders.

We are supposed to be a democracy… rule by the people. It’s different from dictatorships where the dictator makes decisions and everyone else submits. When we look at Communist Russia we find this in the Encyclopedia Britannica, Russia “shared key elements with the law of other dictatorships … subordination of the legal system to the Soviet Communist Party.” Does that sound a little bit like there was one law for the upper class (Communist Party) and another law for the masses?

Further, Britannica says, the Russian government “replaced elected officials with its own leaders”. Ouch! With the SNC-Lavalin affair and all that we’ve come to learn, we have a right to be scared! MP Jody Wilson-Raybould knew that she would be removed from the office of Justice Minister for insisting on abiding by the law prohibiting political inference in a legal case. If you’ve listened to her tape, you can’t help but reel in horror at the pressure for her to submit to the Prime Minister’s dictates. She is a lawyer, she knows the law! Our Prime Minister, for all that he arrogantly claimed at the University of Chicago to have taught a high school pre-law course, has never studied law. What he does know is what he has always known, that he is above the law.

People who opposed the ‘god-like’ status of the Russian Communist Party faced repression by the government, which “was accomplished through the regular courts, but much of it occurred through the state security apparatus, which had the authority to imprison anyone without a trial.”

Oh dear! Last week, Bill Whatcott was convicted by a “Human Rights Tribunal” for speaking the truth. He was fined $55,000 and gagged by the BC Human Rights Tribunal. We’ve seen too many cases like this over the past few years. It doesn’t matter that free speech is enshrined in our Charter. What matters is that somebody doesn’t like the truth … somebody prefers lies because they feel better. As Mr. Whatcott found out in a previous brush with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, “Truth is no defence.” Canadians can be fined for speaking the truth. We can be fined for using our Constitutional right to Free Speech to say what’s not popular. What’s next? Perhaps the next step is the authority of our government to “imprison anyone without a trial”. When I was a kid, we used to say: “It’s off to Siberia”.

As I said at the beginning, My Canada is in trouble. Do you see what I see?

We’re in an election year. We can vote to further diminish our freedoms or we can stand up and take back our freedoms.

CHP Canada is committed to returning to our heritage of free speech and ALL persons equal under the law. If this is important to you then don’t sit on the sidelines. It’s time to get up and fight for our way of life… our world-view. It’s time for every Canadian to fight for what our soldiers have fought for in other countries.

If we won’t fight to keep our Constitutional rights then we will lose them. We diminish them each time we accept that some are above the law: each time we accept that we can only speak what’s been government-approved for us to speak; that a Justice Minister can be fired for refusing to break the law; that every world-view is acceptable… even if the world-view is contrary to our laws.

Join CHP Canada today! Join the fight to retain our heritage!

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