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Are You A Liberal or a Bigot?

Tue, June 25, 2019   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 26    Issue 25 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

A classic logical fallacy is the “False Dilemma” in which you limit a person’s choices to two. The Quad describes why people use the “False Dilemma:”

The false dilemma fallacy is often a manipulative tool designed to polarize the audience, heroicizing one side and demonizing the other. It’s common in political discourse as a way of strong-arming the public into supporting controversial legislation or policies.

Doesn’t that sound like a familiar tactic?

Our Prime Minister seems to like presenting a false dilemma to Canadians. We have been accused of being bigots but it always comes down to this: if we don’t support what he believes, then we must be bigots.

I have to admit that Mr. Trudeau’s contempt for Canadian values has offended me a lot over the past few years. We have been branded bigots in many different ways. How can we feel any pride in ourselves as we approach Canada Day if we accept our Prime Minister’s assessment of who we are?

With great influxes of immigrants from other countries, there has always been some kick-back from those who have come before… even though, in previous influxes, immigrants have largely held a Christian world-view… they liked our freedoms and equalities. That’s not true of the bulk of our immigrants today; many hold to a different world-view and want to change who we are.

Mr. Trudeau has said that he admires China’s basic dictatorship. This gives us an idea as to what our PM would like to see for Canada. How best to bring down a society? Make it offensive to everyone; make people so ashamed of who they are that they will embrace any change because it must be better than what we are; convince people that either they follow the PM’s prescribed world-view or they are reprehensible refuse.

So Canadians have been told that we need a motion in Parliament to protect Muslim Canadians… although it is Jewish Canadians that are the most targeted group for hate crimes. Why does legislation need to single out one group? In fact, if you’re going to single out any group for special mention, why not single out the group that experiences most victimization?

Our Prime Minister also sent out a blanket invitation for an invasion of our country. Oh, he didn’t call it that; he just issued an invitation to anyone who wants to violate our borders. When Canadians said they wanted proper, orderly, planned migration, our self-confident PM instead signed the Global Compact for Migration, opening our borders further to any un-vetted person who may choose to walk in.

Would you do that in your own home? Would you open the doors to your house and let anyone who chooses to walk in and take up residence? Would you honestly expect that those who take up residence in your home would only be “good people”? I don’t think any of us are that naive! Well, with the exception of our Prime Minister, of course.

Canada has become confused by liberal thinkers who spout off high sounding beliefs without giving due consideration to the truths of human nature and history.

A prime example is the idea that “all world-views are equal.” That sounds sophisticated and broad minded, but is a load of stupidity. Consider this one simple example. We have people calling out for Sharia Law in Canada. Sharia Law holds that a woman’s testimony has half the value of a man’s testimony. Sharia also allows for honour killing… we’ve seen several examples such as the Shafia family killings in Kingston, ON. We see women required to keep their faces and hair covered in our “free country.” So, let’s look at “all world-views are equal.” According to our Constitution, I am of equal value with any man. According to Shariah Law, I am not equal. Are both of these statements true? They can’t be; they are contradictory. This is a “Dilemma” that is not “False.” Either women are equal or they are not; they cannot be both equal and unequal.

So, why do I bring up this either/or fallacy? What must Canadians understand about a “False Dilemma”?

Our Prime Minister has made a habit of embracing the “False Dilemma.” Most recently, “the Conservative Party ‘never again’ stokes fear and division against the community.” Even more blatantly, “So that never again would any mainstream party in Canada think it’s a good idea to stoke fears and divisions against Muslims or any other group of Canadians.”

Have you heard any political party “stoke fears and divisions against Muslims”? I know that I haven’t. I find Canadians, with our self-deprecating manner, very gentle in our speech as a nation. I find most Canadians to be fair and open to those who have come into our nation seeking a better life. But, I do not find Canadians wishing to be “patsies” and rolling over to give up our freedoms by accepting contrary world-views.

The problem is that we have a Prime Minister who does not love Canadians. He divides us into sub-groups of Canadians and seeks to change us from a gentle welcoming nation through his divisive comments. What’s his next step? When Canadians reach the required level of self-loathing, will he bring in the “basic dictatorship” that he admires?

He has exalted the Muslim community with his immigration policies; with his presence in mosques… even radical mosques; with his exalting of unequal treatment of women, such as when he addressed the segregated sisters in the balcony; his handing over of millions of Canadian tax-payer dollars to convicted terrorists; and with the his preferential immigration practices; to name just a few. Even with Canadian personnel on the ground to confirm the genocide against Yazidis and Christians by ISIS, our immigration practices would not rise up to defend the helpless. Canada stood and watched a genocide and when it became too ugly turned our backs to avoid seeing the horror. How un-Canadian of us!!!

Our Prime Minister is a master of division. His practice of fragmenting our society must be stopped. There is one world-view that has consistently welcomed those who need protection. That is our historic Christian world-view… the world-view that our nation was founded on; the world-view that fought on foreign shores to defend freedom; the world-view that brought us freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of thought, along with our other basic fundamental freedoms. Today, these freedoms sit on the chopping block of a Prime Minister who does not value them. Today, rather than being a nation that defends the helpless, we have turned our backs.

Don’t let our Prime Minister change this country from our historic Christian heritage, which has offered the world so much. Don’t let him confuse us with the “False Dilemma.” Let’s wrap our protective mantle around those in need…the way we have in the past. Let’s defend the freedom and equality that we have enjoyed so long, benefits that flow from our Christian heritage.

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