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Remembering 25 Years Book Now Available

Fri, June 19, 2015

Remembering 25 Years, the commemorative book edited by Harold Ludwig on the first 25 years of the party's existence, is now available for ordering. Those who pre-ordered and paid for the book should already have received their book by now and had a chance to read through it. The 8.5 x 11, soft-cover book is well illustrated with colourful pictures to allow you to reminisce with family and friends about the early years, the middle years, and the latter years of the party's existence. You'll find interesting facts about the party, the numbers from all of the elections in which the party was a contestant, contributions by past leaders, officers, supporters, pioneers, and so on. There is some reflection and analysis as well, but this is not, in the first place, meant to be an historical account of the party and its influence on the national political scene. We'll leave that to future historians. It does, however, give a good picture of the personalities and character of the party over the first twenty five years. It's the only book of its kind; you'll want to get your own copy as well as one to give away. Proceeds from the sale of the books will go back to the party once costs are covered, so you'll also be helping out the party that way as well. (No tax receipts sadly). If you're having a local or provincial meeting, make sure you have a copy on hand so others can see the book and order one as well.

To order, just click on the link below, and you'll get your copy sent to you in no time. Don't delay and do it today! Cost to order $25.00 USD + shipping.

Because the book is being shipped from the US, some purchasers have had to pay an additional import fee of $16.59 on top of the $25 cost of the book. We were not aware of this when we first posted this announcement. We thought we should advise you that there may be import charges.

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