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Provincial Sex-Ed Curricula and the Connection to the Federal Government

Fri, October 09, 2015

The Christian Heritage Party today calls on the federal government to revoke or to review and fundamentally revise its guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Gender Identity Disorder in schools.

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Supporting Documents:

Gender Identity in Schools (PDF)

Sexual Orientation in Schools (PDF)

Full Press Release:

The Christian Heritage Party today calls on the federal government to revoke or to review and fundamentally revise its guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Gender Identity Disorder in schools.

Background: In 2010, during the tenure of federal Health Minister, Leona Agglukaq, Health Canada produced two documents relating to sexual variant youth in schools; one was called Gender Identity in Schools and the other was called Sexual Orientation in Schools. Since these two documents were made public, both Ontario and Alberta have adopted radical, sexually-focused curricula. In both those provinces, parents of school-aged children have expressed their outrage over the usurpation by the state of the primary role of parents as caregivers, educators and mentors of their own children.

It is our assertion that these documents have had a negative impact on the development of reasonable protocols for teachers encountering students who seem to be exhibiting Gender Identity Disorder. We believe these documents have influenced the development of provincial curricula which are unhelpful for children, disrespectful of parents, difficult to implement and the product of a social agenda rather than proven science.

Following the lead of others who have raised the question, we are asking the PM and the Health Minister to act now to undo the damage. A constituents’ group in the electoral district of Sturgeon River- Parkland—the riding currently being contested by Health Minister Rona Ambrose—has raised the question, asking the Health Minister to review and revise these documents. They have detailed a number of concerns with the documents which need to be addressed. So far, there has been no response from the offices of the Prime Minister or the Health Minister.

I will list some of them here:

  1. The role of parents as primary caregivers is ignored.
  2. The document specifically advises teachers NOT to talk to parents about their child’s gender confusion if they do not already know.
  3. Teachers, although neither trained nor qualified to diagnose or treat patients, are encouraged to do just that: to diagnose children with the disorder and to implement actions affirming their gender confusion.
  4. The documents encourage teachers to provide children under their care with opinionated material designed to support a bias towards gender identification inconsistent with anatomical reality.
  5. The documents presume a majority, even a uniformity of professional opinion re. gender confusion. This presumption is unjustified by the facts.
  6. The documents claim to protect the diverse needs of all people yet there is no acknowledgment of the legitimacy of other beliefs or opinions re. sexual orientation. Faith perspectives are simply ignored.
  7. The documents contain extensive lists of publications and of groups which support their conclusions. No reference is made to research or organizations which hold contrary views.
  8. The documents encourage teachers to affirm children in their confusion by the use of names other than their birth names and gender-specific pronouns inconsistent with anatomical reality.
  9. The documents refer to “professionals” yet it is unclear to which disciplines they refer. Do they refer to doctors, nurses, teachers or all of the above?
  10. The documents refer to mental health and hormone therapy, yet as referenced above, teachers are not licenced nor trained to diagnose or prescribe medical treatment.
  11. The documents encourage teachers to become actively involved with the students, affirming and discussing their sexual feelings and—depending on the anticipated but unknown response of parents, teachers are encouraged NOT to involve parents who may be non-supportive of a child’s sexual choices.
  12. The documents encourage teachers to organize guest speakers on the topic of sexual orientation and gender identity, further promoting lifestyle choices which may be inconsistent with beliefs in the home.
  13. The documents promote various gender identity choices as acceptable ways of living and prohibit any attempt to assist children in re-establishing a sexual orientation consistent with birth anatomy.
  14. The documents claim that the strategies such as those in them are age appropriate. According to whom and by what criteria are they age-appropriate?

Government has a responsibility to protect children and all citizens from harm. It is no doubt with this intention that the Health Minister in 2010 approved these documents, giving her endorsement to a thinly- disguised agenda that goes far beyond tolerance and personal affirmation and presumes to dictate to parents, teachers and students alike the moral framework by which gender identity disorders should be understood and responded to. In so doing, she may have inadvertently exposed children to harm and teachers to legal risks.

Since both Health and Education are constitutionally provincial jurisdictions, the very fact that the federal government has issued these documents mingling the roles and responsibilities of educators and health professionals indicates that the government itself has an acute role disorder, first between federal and provincial jurisdictions but more importantly between the state and parents.

Governments and educators have presumed by the issuance of such documents to become moral guides for parents and students in terms of addressing issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Christian Heritage Party calls on the federal government, the Prime Minister and the Health Minister to take steps today to review, revise, amend and improve these documents or to revoke them and write proper documents more suitable for school-aged children in Canada and more respectful of the proper role of parents as the primary legitimate educators and guardians of their own children’s health and development.

Rod Taylor
National Leader
Christian Heritage Party of Canada

For more information or comment, contact:
CHP Executive Director Vicki Gunn

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