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Plan To Expedite Syrian Refugees Compromises National Security, Canadian Values

Wed, October 07, 2015

Christian Heritage Party of Canada (Ottawa) - Immigration Minister Chris Alexander’s recent announcement that Canada will accept 10,000 Syrians as “prima facie” refugees without UN documentation undermines Canada’s national security and ignores the plight of Christian refugees in the Middle East. “There are many people suffering and in need around the world”, says Rod Taylor, National Leader of Canada’s Christian Heritage Party, “and Canada can only do so much. Adequate screening is a must. Just because the media has pushed the Syrian refugee crisis to the front doesn’t mean they are more deserving than many others who have endured persecution and other hardships over the years. Our hearts go out to those in need but our first responsibility is still to keep Canadian citizens safe”.

In terms of the potential threat of a radical “Trojan Horse”, even Minister Alexander has said, “We cannot ignore the risk of jihadi terrorists seeking to exploit the generosity of western nations like Canada.” Joseph Hall, Toronto Star, Sat., Sep 19, 2015

This is why the Christian Heritage Party (CHP) opposes the Honourable Minister’s recent announcement. The vetting process for prospective refugees is being compromised on the campaign trail. Media pressure shouldn’t dictate Canada’s immigration policy.

While the plight of predominantly Muslim Syrian refugees dominates the headlines, wealthy Arab nations such as Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain have done little or nothing to assist Syrian refugees. Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post, September 7, 2015

“The mass media, which have been so quick to criticize Canada and the US for ‘doing so little’, have given those wealthy neighbouring countries an unearned pass”, said Taylor. “These are the obvious countries where those in need should be able to find refuge and shelter. They are similar in climate, have languages in common, many have a common Muslim background and do not require the long overseas flights. Why is it that only in the West, can countries be shamed into urgent compassionate responses to tragedy? Perhaps this crisis is more about politics than about humanitarian aid”.

Conversely, the number of Christians in the Middle East has been decimated through years of persecution. The plight of these refugees is seldom reported by the Canadian Media. Why not?

The Christian Heritage Party believes that Canada’s immigration policy should give equal consideration to all refugees especially those under threat of death for their religious convictions. According to StatsCan, over 22 million Canadians identify themselves as Christians. The CHP leader said, “These Christian refugees often have no safe haven anywhere in the Middle East. When we offer refuge to them we are giving them a chance to live and we know they will adapt to Canadian culture because they have already embraced the worldview that has allowed freedom and democracy to flourish here in Canada”.


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