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CHP Leader urges all members to call their MPs; defend human life with new law

Fri, December 04, 2015

On Thursday, National CHP Leader, Rod Taylor, asked all CHP members and other concerned citizens to get behind ARPA’s (Association for Reformed Political Action) initiative (PDF) to rewrite Canada’s law against assisted suicide. The law was struck down by Canada’s Supreme Court on Feb. 6, 2015—based on a very narrow interpretation of the purpose of the law.

ARPA is proposing that a new law protecting all Canadians from assisted suicide be tabled in the House which would clearly state that the purpose of the law is not only to protect the vulnerable but to uphold the sanctity of all human life and to maintain society’s interest in protecting every human life.

Mr. Taylor noted that the 42nd Parliament is now in office and has many new members who need to be educated regarding human life and the “slippery slope” of assisted suicide and euthanasia which is sure to follow if the right to life is not vigorously defended.

“Parliament has been given a very short time to act” said Taylor. “Unless a new law is passed quickly, in February, the elderly, the disabled and distraught suicidal teens will all be at risk. I urge all citizens of good will who value human life to educate themselves, using the tremendous resources and expertise of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and ARPA’s background research. This material needs to be presented to all MPs in this country, preferably by several constituents who live within their electoral districts."

“ARPA’s masterful presentation of a well-thought-out and constitutional alternative to the use of Section 33 (the notwithstanding clause) should be considered by all MPs, including our new Prime Minister and Health Minister Jane Philpott."

“Please make an appointment with your MP, regardless of his or her party affiliation and ask him or her to make the protection of human life the first order of business in the New Year. Thank you! Please let us know if you were able to secure an appointment with your MP and whether you received a positive response.”

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