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Tue, August 08, 2017   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 24    Issue 32   

Can you hear it? The sound of snoring from the pews across Canada? Every now and again, a stretch, a yawn, a head lifted up and noticing that our Christian worldview is no longer dominant in Canada and then...overcome by lethargy…the head drops back down to continue its beatific snooze.

I’ve heard it said, “As the church goes, so goes the country.” How well are the rest of Canadians standing up for the benefits of our historic Christian heritage? Freedom of Speech? Human Rights Tribunals have taken care of that. Freedom of Religion? Motion 103 allows for discussion of any religion… except Islam, of course. We don’t want to criticize a religion with honour killing or genital mutilation. Freedom of the press? The Halifax Chronicle Herald backed down on a story, which was similar to others whispered across the country, of Canadian children being bullied in the schoolyard by refugees. Whether it’s a nice story or not…the press should be reporting what’s happening not hiding it so Canadians aren’t upset by the truth. We can read in a United Kingdom paper about Toronto’s Muslim Police Chaplain’s comments about women but, although our newspapers may have commented, I didn’t find it…and I searched.


As we enjoy our Canadian summer, a time of relaxation, I pray that across Canada there will be a great awakening.

WAKE UP!! Have you seen the news reports? While a Committee decides whether Canadian law should prohibit ‒ in specific ‒ “Islamophobia” (An irrational fear of Islam), Canadians have failed to recognize the importance of our Christian heritage to our rights and freedoms.

If we look to the Middle East, we see death sentences for homosexuals, the inequality and persecution of women, the murder of Christians, and honour killings. Is this what we want to see in Canada? I know we already have seen some of these.

We could always look to the example of Communism/Socialism, which affected a large part of the world and infects Canada today. Statistics according to the book A Ravaged Country give death tolls, calculated by a group of French Scholars:

U.S.S.R.: 20 million deaths; China: 65 million deaths; Vietnam: 1 million deaths; North Korea: 2 million deaths; Cambodia: 2 million deaths: Eastern Europe: 1 million deaths; Latin America: 150,000 deaths; Africa: 1.7 million deaths; Afghanistan: 1.5 million deaths; The international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power: about 10,000 deaths… The total approaches 100 million people killed.

Yet, if we look to countries living under our historic Christian heritage, we see people living with unequaled freedom and equality. No other worldview has provided its adherents with this.

So, why do Canadians not prize our freedoms? Why does the church not speak out on the value of our heritage?

If Christians will wake up ‒ en masse ‒ and begin to confront societal ills, what type of country would we live in? “As goes the church, so goes the country.” We would see other Canadians awakening and seeing what we have become.

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada is dedicated to maintaining our rights and freedoms… the right to life, liberty and security of person, freedom of opinion, freedom of the press. Follow the link and read about the freedoms you currently have. When you see what treasures accompany our Christian heritage join CHP Canada and fight to retain them. If you’re not a member, I can only ask, “Why not?” There is only one federal political party committed to all of our rights and freedoms. If you’re committed to our heritage then WAKE UP and wake up others. It’s your responsibility to join the fight to retain our freedoms!

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