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The Liberal Crusade Against Canadian Women

Tue, October 10, 2017   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 24    Issue 41   

Pardon me while I zip up my flak jacket. Before I say what I want to say, I must protect myself from our Liberal masters. Frighteningly, I live in Ontario so I not only have to cower from the federal Liberal government but also the provincial.

Don’t feel safe if you’re in another province… the denial of our Constitutional rights and freedoms is a barrage that’s hammering the nation.

I have to wonder if there is any recognition by our Liberal masters that Canadians are allowed to hold differing viewpoints. It’s actually Constitutional!

Conservative MP Rachael Harder discovered that there is no room for an elected MP with her beliefs—beliefs contrary to those mandated by the Liberals—to participate as a full committee member in committees of the House. She had previously co-sponsored a bill making it a criminal offence to kill an unborn child while assaulting its mother. She thought that a woman should have the right to choose to let her baby live when someone else chose otherwise. Scandalous, don’t you think? A woman may choose to kill her child but may not choose to have her child legally recognized as a human being before birth.

For Harder’s pro-life beliefs, briefly referenced in a report by Campaign Life Coalition, Liberal MPs disciplined her by walking out to prevent her sitting as chair of the House of Commons Status of Women Committee. Can you imagine refusing someone a position, to which she has been duly appointed—on the basis of her private beliefs? She was elected by Canadians to her position of trust as MP and as such is entitled to serve on committees, so the governing Liberals are not just disrespecting her, but all who voted for her and the democratic traditions by which they themselves participate in committees of the House.

The state of equality for women in Canadian government is this: You can be equal IF you believe precisely as the Liberal MPs believe. If not, well, THAT type of woman is definitely NOT equal!!

So, how are women faring in the equal rights movement in Ontario? What intrusions on our freedoms can we anticipate in other provinces?

A law introduced by the Ontario Liberal government will restrict where a person may be… in a big way!

“The proposed law would also establish a 150-meter bubble zone around the homes of all abortionists and abortion centre staff,” Attorney General Yasir Naqvi said.

The bill would also allow other healthcare locations that provide abortion — including the abortion pill — to apply for a bubble zone.

This would likely mean that pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare centres could apply for a “safe access zone” if they felt it was needed.

Did you catch that? All pro-lifers are facing the inability to freely live out their beliefs in their own home city. This affects both men and women, but in the government’s eyes pro-life women are not really women they’re … well … something different. The only equal women are the ones who believe as they’re told. That’s a good measuring stick for equality… subservience.

Let’s say that an abortionist lives 125M (can be up to 150M, the effect on the March for Life can be seen in this article) up the street from my Member of Parliament’s office, another abortionist lives 125M the other direction up the street from my Member of Parliament’s office. My Member of Provincial Parliament’s office is 125M further from the first abortion provider and a druggist lives 125M up the street from her. This would be a big bubble-zone where I would not be allowed to protest, perhaps participate in Life Chain, or talk to a young woman who might be pregnant — but would I even be allowed to talk to my MP or MPP about my pro-life views in his/her office? What about the pro-life sticker on my car? Could I even park in that area? This is getting out of hand! We haven’t even covered the abortion clinics, the drug stores… which I might not be allowed to enter… would my mere presence as a known pro-life woman be tolerated? Sure, no problem, right? Except remember Rachael Harder…?

Then there is the abortion staff, all of whom I must know where they live in order to avoid them. This is potentially awkward for both groups, but could it also be used to curtail long-running peaceful protests like the March for Life? What about if someone associated with providing abortions owns or buys a house close to where you normally stand up for life?

Canada has historically been a country of equal rights and protections under the law. These rights and equalities have protected for all Canadians equally. But, that has become increasingly a part of our past. Today, you are equal only if you believe in the right to kill babies. Even if you marginally believe that there are some circumstances where a baby should be protected, you are vilified by our government.

Equal rights? A memory from the past. Today, Canadian’s God-given rights are restricted by our government unless we violate our conscience and speak only what we’re allowed to speak.

Scary thought, eh?

There is one political party that has consistently supported our historical heritage… our Canadian freedoms and equalities.

Join CHP Canada and send a message loud and clear… “Canadians want the right to freedom of belief!”

As we face this attack, it is time to financially support the one party that will protect our heritage. Tomorrow is too late. The battle is already underway. Zip up your flak jacket and enter the fray.

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