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Political Climate Change

Tue, June 06, 2017   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 24    Issue 23   

When US President Donald Trump announced that the US would withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate change, he signalled a change in the political climate of the world. Against the dire warnings and angry invective of left-wing leaders and media commentators, President Trump declared that the Paris agreement was a bad deal for the US and for the world. For that reason, the US is withdrawing. Canada should do the same. It’s time we changed the climate of lock-step submission to political correctness and challenge the assumptions behind the Paris Accord.

Ideological uniformity on this issue has subjected many nations—including Canada—to pressure to implement economic policies which can only end in disaster. The decisions made in Paris in 2015 committed world governments to unachievable, unaffordable, unrealistic and unnecessary targets. The costs are high. The predicted results are insufficient to warrant the expense.

First of all, focusing on CO2 as the main culprit in climate change is presumptuous. There is no hard evidence that CO2 is even the cause of climate change. There are certainly many benefits to improving engine efficiencies, reducing the wasteful use of non-renewable resources and reducing the dispersion of man-made chemicals into our air, soil and water. However, to focus on CO2, a natural, beneficial gas, needful for plant growth, is not only illogical but also economically foolish.

The Paris Accord, glibly supported by our Prime Minister and our Minister of the Environment, would cost world governments trillions (yes, that’s right, thousand of billions of dollars) over the next 100 years. Proponents claim that after the first hundred years, the sacrificial and costly measures proposed in the Accord will reduce global temperature rise by 0.2˚C. That’s 2/10ths of one degree Celsius! That’s if all the calculations are correct and all the signatories follow all the protocols. Hardly a worthwhile achievement for a program guaranteed to cost trillions of dollars.

The US is also concerned, and rightly so, that China and India—two of the world’s major polluters and two of the economic giants threatening US jobs and fiscal balance—are being handled with kid gloves while the US, and other successful western democracies, are being asked to bear the brunt of the economic impact. Canada should have the same concerns. We have been on a debt-spiral for years, even under the Harper government and now, under Trudeau’s Liberals, the floodgates have been opened and the red tide of government spending and waste has seriously threatened our ability to return to fiscal balance. Pursuing a phoney war on carbon will hinder both our efforts to achieve economic growth and any plan to balance the budget and pay down the debt.

Another reason to be suspicious of the motives of the global elite who keep calling so insistently for government initiatives like the Paris Accord is that their spokespersons are not walking the talk. Big names like Al Gore, Suzuki, Obama and even our own PM, Mr. Trudeau, fly about in their jets and attend endless international conferences (including the Paris conference) with their entourages and never seem to lose any sleep over their own carbon footprints. Under Prime Minister Trudeau, Canada sent 383 delegates to Paris in 2015. That’s more than twice as many as the US delegation and having them there cost Canadian taxpayers about $1 million. Extravagances like these not only cost money but use a lot of carbon. How about PM Trudeau’s private jet flying him to Medicine Hat last year to boost the Liberal brand during the by-election? Isn’t that a lot of carbon for one man’s travel? How about his helicopter flight to the Agha Khan’s luxury Bermuda hideout? Not saying the man doesn’t deserve a vacation but what if every Canadian spent their holidays burning all that helicopter fuel? Of course, most of us couldn’t afford it.

Whether or not taxpayers are picking up the tab for the lifestyle choices of big-name environmentalists is an important point, but not the only one. More importantly, how can we believe their exaggerated and urgent claims when they continue to live as if their own personal choices are not on the table? They ask for sacrifices from their fellow-citizens but seem unwilling to give up their lifestyles and carbon-consuming possessions. I’m not sure how many properties Al Gore owns but he purchased a pretty exotic mansion in California for nearly $9 million. Obama has just bought a mansion for $8.1 million. Suzuki has multiple pricey properties but his main residence in Vancouver sits on land valued at over $8 million. All these properties require carbon outputs to heat, cool and maintain. Sure, Al Gore may purchase carbon credits to salve his conscience but the reality is that the carbon is being consumed and CO2 is being produced. I’m not up in arms about their CO2 footprint; only about their hypocrisy in dictating low carbon use to others but burning it themselves as if it didn’t matter.

Yes, the climate is changing. As it did during the Great Ice Age. As it did during the Medieval Warming Period. Mankind has a responsibility to look after the earth and there’s much we should be doing but for politicians to pretend—as they did at the Paris Summit—that we can control the earth’s temperature merely by setting targets and spending boatloads of money is foolishness.

Thanks to Donald Trump, the value and costs of the Paris Accord are now being questioned. Canada should also re-examine our global commitments regarding carbon and make sure our lofty sentiments are based on science, not hypocritical hype.

People who are worried about rising sea levels should re-read the biblical account of the Great Flood. Genesis 6-8. The extreme weather events of Noah’s day had nothing to do with carbon but everything to do with mankind’s rejection of God’s rule. We in Canada should make sure that we are conducting our national affairs according to His precepts. The One who formed the sun, the moon, the stars and our planet is able to control the weather and the climate. If we ignore His principles, no Paris Accord can help us.

You too can add your voice to the movement against this global hypocrisy and waste. You too can say that you’ve had enough of governments that overreach their authority through claiming sovereignty over creation. Join CHP Canada and make your voice, and our voice, louder.

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