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Tue, January 28, 2020   |   Author: Taylor   |   Volume 27    Issue 4 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Myths can be defined as “widely-held beliefs or suppositions that are not factually true”. What people believe–whether true or not–guides their thinking and contributes to their unique understanding of the world. A person’s world view generally affects the choices he or she makes: whether to marry, what to read, what activities on which to spend time, how to spend one’s money and how to vote.

We in the 21st Century–like generations gone before–are affected by a host of pervasive myths, including those that we, ourselves, do not believe... because the beliefs that guide the decisions of our fellow-citizens cause them to act in ways that shape our social institutions, our schools, our courts and our laws. Most people want to make informed decisions based on facts. When myths are taken for facts, those making decisions are misinformed or myth-informed.

There are many such myths, some propagated by the media, some by the education system, some by effective advertising campaigns. Let’s look at a few of the dangerous ones impacting our nation.

It is impossible in this short article to give any of these myths the discussion they deserve. Many Canadians are embracing policies built on assumptions; they believe that the opinions they hear on the news, in the classroom and from their peers are based on historical or scientific facts. Opinions based on myths are repeated so often in the echo chambers of the left that they appear to be factual. Let’s look at a few of these myths; of course, there are many others.

Abortion Myths

Abortion has never been a Charter right, as claimed by some, including our current Prime Minister. Even the Supreme Court, which struck down the law in 1988, said that Parliament has a legitimate interest in protecting the pre-born child. Parliament has failed to do that. Another abortion myth is that abortion is “safe”. Obviously, it’s never safe for the baby but women who undergo abortions are also at risk; they face a higher incidence of breast cancer, depression, suicide, infertility and even death.

Gender Myths

There are many gender myths promoted by LGBTQ activists and their philosophical allies. They insist homosexuality or lesbianism are normal, healthy, inherent characteristics equivalent to race, biological (birth) gender, etc. They claim to be the victims of endemic homophobic hatred, while they themselves (many, not all) manifest the most virulent hatred and intolerance for those who disagree with them. They claim the right to push their agenda on young schoolchildren against the wishes of parents while attempting to deny any efforts to present the biological and biblical truth that “In the beginning, God made them male and female”.

CO2 and Climate Change Myths

There is an assumption by many that all scientists agree that the CO2 being released by mankind through the burning of carbon-based fuels–including wood, coal and derivatives of oil and gas–is the causative factor in major climate change taking place in our day. Once called “global warming”, climate change now includes floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, polar ice melts, extensive forest fires, even volcanoes and earthquakes. All these events are being blamed on man’s use of “fossil fuels”. First, all scientists do not agree. Second, the earth has had many cataclysmic events in the past, including floods, ice ages and periods of global warming, long before the discovery of oil in the ground. The fixation on CO2 is a response to peer pressure and the constant repetition of the narrative; the real impact of CO2 on the climate is unproven. This myth is driving decision making at home and abroad. There are many legitimate environmental concerns: the discharge of toxic effluents and emissions, the loss of farmland to roads and industrial development, the clogging of our oceans with plastic waste, the overuse of pesticides and other man-made chemicals. We should focus on those, not on CO2, a naturally-occurring beneficial gas needed by plants.

Origin and Meaning of Life Myths

Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species has done inestimable harm to our society and the tenets of his anti-God religion continue to be taught in public schools across the country. If the universe is causeless and man is no more than a random collection of atoms (where did they come from?), then there is no basis for the sanctity of human life, the institution of marriage and family, the keeping of contracts or the protection of property. To embrace causeless origins invites moral chaos. The Nazis and the Communists both based their policies on the “survival of the fittest” without regard for Christian values. Darwin’s theories have gaping holes but are clung to and taught because the alternative is divine creation and intelligent design. That would imply a moral code and personal responsibility.

This past weekend we commemorated 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz and were reminded of the horrors possible when people are conditioned to believe a false narrative. Today, holocaust survivors worry that history may repeat itself. The rise again of antisemitism is a real concern and so is the denial by our government of the personhood of the unborn. The death chambers at Auschwitz can be likened to today’s abortion clinics which–due to the myths of our day–have made the womb the most dangerous place in the world for Canadian babies.

There are many more myths affecting public opinion and voting patterns. One is that Canada’s Constitution prohibits Christian values from influencing government policies. These myths have undermined the rule of law and the respect we all should have for every human being.

Here’s something that’s not a myth: you can make a difference! Please join us in exposing the myths of modernity and rebuilding this nation on the foundation of Truth!

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