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Election 2019: Putting Life! Family! and Freedom! on the Ballot

Tue, September 17, 2019   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 26    Issue 37 | Share: Facebook | Twitter   

When the Prime Minister dropped the writ a few days early last week, it was an act of desperation. When he avoided the first televised so-called Leaders’ Debate (yes, the one to which the leaders of most federal parties were not invited) it was an act of cowardice. When he spent the last several weeks throwing your money around, it was an act of shameless vote-buying. His time is up and he knows it. Whether Canadian voters know it yet remains to be seen.

The national broadcaster, CBC, along with the other “bigs” (CTV, Globe and Mail, continue to act as if this campaign were a two- or three-party race. They continue to act as if Canadians have no other choice but to return the failed Liberals to power (scandals and all) or to allow the Conservatives—bowing and scraping to every self-interested lobby group they may have offended in the past—to come back to Ottawa with a new mandate. They give some honourable mention to the Greens, the Bloc and the Peoples Party but one cannot miss the message to voters: it’s either Justin or Andrew, so take your pick. That’s a false dilemma.

That media narrative ignores the 11 other registered political parties including the Christian Heritage Party. When the Liberals tried to paint Andrew as a pro-lifer and he bent over backwards to prove that he and his party would never allow abortion to be seriously challenged, CBC talking heads got together to muse and ponder. They chased down Elizabeth May and made her recant her suggestion that she would allow back benchers to discuss abortion. They baited Jagmeet Singh who vowed that the NDP would never allow abortion to be challenged. The pundits and their political puppets bandied this about ad nauseam. What they didn’t do was to call up the leader of the only political party that is 100% pro-life from conception until natural death, the CHP.

With $1.6 billion annually coming from the taxpayers, the CBC never bothered to review the platform of a truly pro-life party. This is one of the biggest challenges we face: the smoke-and-mirrors charade of a national media that influences voters even with its polls and that has done so for over 40 years. Today in Canada, we have abortion on demand, same-sex marriage, carbon taxes, gender-oriented schools, doctor-assisted suicide and repressive human rights tribunals largely because of the constant barrage of biased media cleverly disguised as balanced journalists. And we’re paying for it.

On top of CBC’s $1.6 billion, our shameless PM has given out $595 million to his special friends in the media, the ones he can count on to spin the stories his way. Add to that the influencers in the bought-and-paid-for education system, the new marijuana moguls, the courts and Senate packed with Liberal friends . . . it would be easy to be discouraged.

But we are NOT discouraged! Across this country, in nine provinces, CHP candidates have stepped forward boldly to proclaim the truth, and to offer voters an opportunity to vote for the principles about which they care so deeply: Life! Family! and Freedom!

So far, almost 50 CHP candidates are running and we know that many others are coming forward to put the CHP on the ballot in even more districts. We are working with our new potential candidates to help them get registered and to run good campaigns.

If you live in a district without a CHP candidate, NOW is the time to help us find and train a CHP candidate for your area. Maybe it’s YOU! Maybe it’s someone you know, a person of integrity and passion for this country, someone who is willing to work hard for a few weeks and to stand up and boldly proclaim the truth . . . for the benefit of his or her fellow citizens and for future generations.

The race is on! The door is closing rapidly. Nominations will be officially closed on September 30 but in order to successfully register and have your name on the ballot, you will need to get going very soon! Today would be the best day to start! We’d love to hear from you and we’d love to have many more Canadians given the opportunity to vote for Life! Family! and Freedom!

If you already have a candidate in your district, he or she can use your help as a volunteer or as a financial donor. And CHP Canada can always use your help and support. God bless you all as we press forward to make a difference in Election 2019!

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