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Child Soldiers in the Culture Wars

Tue, July 04, 2017   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 24    Issue 27   

Across Canada today, there is a shocking recruitment of children and young people who will serve as bait and cannon fodder for the deep and divisive culture wars in which many of their peers will perish.

All of us have a visceral aversion to the thought of children being sacrificed as “collateral damage” in any of the civil wars, revolutions or cross-border conflicts raging around the globe. Nothing brings greater grief to those who still have an ounce of human compassion than pictures of children suffering the physical and emotional trauma of war. We are moved to tears by their eye-patches and missing limbs, by their loneliness, confusion, hopelessness, and fear.

How much worse is it when children are induced or compelled to become participants in these wars and to become the ones inflicting destruction, death and dismemberment upon their fellow human beings? In a physical war, the loss of life and limb are profound tragedies. Those tragedies are vastly magnified by the loss of conscience and the loss of innocence. To see images of young people carrying machine guns or beheading innocent people is terribly disturbing.

In Canada today, we know that some young people are being recruited to participate in physical wars being conducted in other parts of the globe, even as cannon-fodder for ISIS. To lose even one young Canadian to this wicked assault on humanity is tragic and we must work against it and include them in better causes where they could expend their youthful energies.

However, many, many more young people are being deceived, confused, pressured and induced to take up arms against their fellow students and against the society in which they themselves have been conceived and nurtured. Do I mean physical arms? Not yet. Today, they are being armed with ideas, with platforms, and with rhetoric to undermine the very institutions that support freedom and protect human life, strong families, national prosperity, and safety.

Children—the wealth of our nation—are being recruited by militant activists both within and without our public schools. They are being asked to form or join GSAs (so-called “Gay-Straight Alliances”) and to spread throughout their schools a greater approval for perverted lifestyles and this at an age when they are not even mature enough to marry, make lifetime commitments or raise children. In other words, they are being instructed to focus on sexuality—male-female or other—when they are not even considered mature enough (by those pushing the agenda) to be able to control their behaviours. They are being pushed forward as advocates for lifestyle choices under the cover of “inclusion” or “anti-bullying.”

In Alberta, all schools have been instructed by the dictators in the education bureaucracy to establish GSAs, even Christian schools. In British Columbia, Culture Guard’s Kari Simpson has recently exposed the perversion and titillation of young people taking place in the Lord Byng Secondary School through its “Sex at Lunch” event. The topics and discussion are much too graphic to be repeated here but the point is that young people are having their morals and inhibitions systematically broken down so that they can be used—and abused—as child soldiers to intimidate their fellow students into approval of sexual hedonism, abortion (one of the disturbing spin-offs of early sexual activity), and sexual lifestyles that do not lead to stable, procreative families.

These GSAs, the classroom promotion of early sexual activity and the plethora of federal and provincial laws meant to silence Christian voices are by no means the first wave of attack. But, the putting of children in the front lines as the “poster children” for public acceptance of aberrant and unhealthy sexual behaviours is a new low in the tactics and strategies of the radical sex-activists now prowling the halls of our schools looking for children whom they hope to groom to satisfy their lusts.

The obvious victims of this new tactic are the children who become prey to the perverted desires of those old enough to know better. Some of them will be led into early sexual activities, which will create physical and emotional problems for them in their future relationships and potential marriages. Some of them will contract diseases. Some of them will develop behavioural addictions. Some will become convinced that they are something other than their biological birth gender and will undergo horrific genital mutilation in a vain attempt to “change their gender.” Whatever regrets they may have later, they will have to live with this irreversible decision. Some of them will become pregnant and some of them will have abortions. And some of them will themselves be conscripted as child soldiers in the battle to destroy our society’s natural, God-given foundations.

Youth is a wonderful time of possibilities. For young people, children and teenagers, their lives are before them with all the hopes and challenges their young creative minds can imagine. Those who rob them of their innocence, mar their joys, and damage their consciences will one day answer to our God who has made them in His image and for His purpose. As individuals and as legislative bodies, we ought to be sure that we are protecting young lives from harm and especially the shame of being used and abused as child soldiers.

CHP Canada is the only political party with a will to protect our young people from a blighted future. They have lots of years to be grownups; CHP Canada will protect their right to a childhood.

Join the movement to protect Canada’s future from sexual exploitation. Join CHP Canada.

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