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A Slap in the Face for Feminism

Tue, June 13, 2017   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 24    Issue 24   

I don’t know how well feminism represents you but I do know that it doesn’t represent me . . . at all. Our self-avowed feminist prime minister, Justin Trudeau, celebrates his assertion that he is a feminist. Yawn! Did he say that again?

I wonder if it ever occurred to some of these feminists to ask what is important to the rest of us. They haven’t recognized that their confused idea that women are merely men with unusual plumbing doesn’t resonate with those of us who believe that we also are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Every year at the United Nations, we are treated to opportunities to see “first world” women trying to force abortion on the developing world. Somehow these first world women have developed the view that they are the true definition of womanhood. They seem to believe that women who delight in being women, delight in their God-given ability to bear children, and delight in being different from men are oddities. I’ve got news for them, in the real world, most women, and I expect men, are happy to say, “viva la difference.”

Each year at the meeting of the United Nation’s Commission on Population and Development, Canadian, European, Australian and American delegates show up with the agenda of enshrining the right of women to kill their pre-born children. Our Prime Minister eagerly moved this agenda forward by committing $650 million dollars to further the cause of, as Ebenezer Scrooge would say, “decreasing the surplus population.”

This year, again, the first world delegates got a surprise. They discovered, again, that there is strong resistance from other countries. Surprisingly, even with someone else footing the bill, some women seem to think that life is important; their unborn children have a right to life. Some women seem to think that their unique gift, nurturing the unborn child, is an important one. They do not think they are lesser beings because they hold the cradle of life, rather they are honoured to bring forth and nurture their young . . . the next generation.

Another part of the agenda, of which we are recipients here in Canada, is the radical sex education curriculum. The third world is happy for schools to teach reading, writing and arithmetic (3Rs), but they balk at their children being taught sexual perversions that get them primed up and ready to be used as sexual toys. This is a refreshing difference from Canada, where teachers are too busy to concentrate on the 3Rs, the government has granted them the extremely important work of ensuring that children become as sex-obsessed as the curriculum designers. We need only mention Benjamin Levin in Ontario to make the point. He is in prison for his sex related convictions but…along with Premier Kathleen Wynne designed our current sex training curriculum. Where else would a fox be put in charge of the henhouse with the misnomer that they are “protecting” their charges?

This year, women from the developing world had a surprise ally. The United States, under Donald Trump, stood in solidarity with them. Much to the chagrin of the feminists, their view of life is contrary to the view of those they seek to influence; in whatever sweet language the feminists enshrine their agenda, developing nations have “got their number.” The majority of the delegates rejected, “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.” Praise God!

Interestingly this year, the NDP has caused many to grapple with the surprising truth that women nurture babies through the baby’s earliest stages of development. You can’t manufacture that, it is a reality! Women are not men. Congratulations to NDP leadership contender and Member of Parliament Niki Ashton. We celebrate with her the anticipated November arrival of her baby.

CHP Canada believes that children have the right to life from the moment of conception. There is no confusion, a woman is carrying a human baby from the moment of conception. Life is precious! We also believe that parents have the right to decide what sexual information is given to their children. Parents have the right to protect their children from lifestyles that would diminish their God-given sexuality.

Make a stand today. We will fight the destruction of our children physically, through abortion, and sexually, through government interference in family values. Join CHP Canada to support these and other life-affirming policies.

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