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Why Be a Candidate for the Christian Heritage Party?

Tue, June 21, 2022   |   Author: Yves Gilbert   |   Volume 29    Issue 25 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Why should I be a candidate for the CHP? That’s a very good question . . . .

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada is the only political party in Canada based on Christian values and guided by the wisdom and instruction of the Bible. Our primary authority is God; Jesus is our captain and the Holy Spirit guides our mission. Our party leader and national board depend on God for His wisdom. Without God, we can do nothing.

We are the only federal political party that really cares about our fellow-citizens of every colour, race, origin, or religious beliefs. Our motivation is love to each other; we want to be more like Jesus. The Bible says, “Love your neighbour as yourself,” and this we strive to do.

Whether in politics, family or career, our God asks us to talk about His Kingdom. The Bible says to warn the wicked about their sins. If they repent, wonderful! If not, at least you will have done your part and will not share in their judgment (Ezekiel 3:19). As Christian believers, our work on the earth is to tell others about God, Jesus and His Kingdom. As members of a federal political party, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to talk about God publicly and to tell the TRUTH to our fellow-citizens. After all, even the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms begins with an acknowledgement of God’s supremacy.

Of course, during a campaign, we want to win the election so that we can bring a godly perspective to Parliament. That’s good, but regardless of who wins the election, we need to remember that we have already won—more that 2000 years ago when our Lord Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified for our sins!

During my campaign in 2019, I prayed and asked our God to give me the votes from the people who vote with the Holy Spirit’s guidance; then after the count, 268 people voted for me and for the CHP. In my district, there are thousands of Christians who know God and believe in Him . . . but because most of our brothers and sisters vote guided by worldly thinking, only a small number allowed the Holy Spirit to guide their electoral choice. The day after the election, the Holy Spirit told me I was elected for God. I was a winner! I became an MP for the government of God because I have done what God was asking me to do: to walk the walk and freely talk about him in public.

If God so wills, we can even win an election because He can do anything He wants. Our God has no limit; nobody and nothing can stop Him from doing what He wants. Then why we are not winning? Very easy answer. First, most of our brothers and sisters in Christ are voting according to human reasoning and not relying on the Holy Spirit as a guide; second, many of them do not really believe that a miracle is still possible in this earth today.

Lies are everywhere; it is so important for us to be honest, calm, polite . . . but always telling the truth today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow until our Lord Jesus returns (we hope that will be soon!).

I believe this political work is also practice for us, because when Jesus comes back, we will work for Him and His government for a thousand years. God is preparing us—like Joseph in Egypt and like Ruth in her time—to be ready to represent His Kingdom on earth (Genesis 50:20).

Don’t be discouraged. Remember, our Lord Jesus spoke the truth—powerfully and perfectly—and thousands and thousands listened to him, but only a small number followed him. Five thousand men and many thousand women and children listened to him and saw the miracles of the bread and the fish being multiplied before their eyes . . . but only a few actually followed. It is the same today (Mark 8:19).

In the general election of October 2019, as the CHP candidate in Bellechasse-Lévis-Les Etchemins, I was able to talk about God, our values as Christians and as a political party. I was able to pray for someone live on talk radio on one of the best-known FM radio stations in Quebec. I was also able to give a Bible to a woman who asked for one. This was a privilege!

I also had articles written about my candidacy in the Journal de Lévis: “One Christian Candidate to Defend Christian Values” and “A Christian Candidate Against Abortion.” Later, I was on the Québec-Lévis ferry when a woman recognized me from my photo in the local newspaper. She talked to me about the abortion she had many years ago and how, at that time, she was not able to find any resources or proper help; so she decided to have an abortion, which she has regretted ever since. We talked for more than 20 minutes about abortion, love and compassion. She talked to me because she read the newspaper about my campaign and the CHP.

During the campaign, I also spoke about drug issues. Why do some—both old and young—feel a need to use drugs to try to find happiness? Many people in Canada are dying because of ignorance (Hosea 4:6). This was true centuries ago and it’s still true today. We are the only political party able and willing to tell the TRUTH and only the TRUTH about gender and sexuality: a man is a man and a woman is a woman. If we allow gender confusion to progress, the truth will be seen as a lie and a lie as the truth (Isaiah 5:20). Marriage is only meant for a man and a woman. We are the only party willing to deal with this sensitive issue. Our children need our protection and support in a confused and broken world.

Canadian politicians in most parties talk about the “rights” of women for abortion but WHO will protect the right of a child to born? We will! We must protect this child waiting to be born. He/she is a gift from God and we have His mandate to talk about this very sensitive issue. Thousands of our citizens are longing to adopt a child; at the same time, our government kills thousands of them every year in abortion clinics.

The only way for the CHP to gain membership is to keep telling the truth; our fellow-citizens need to see that there is something different . . . from our language and our attitudes towards others. People are sick of politics-as-usual. They want to see honestly and sincerity. We need not try to compare ourselves with others because we have different goals. We only need to tell people about our values, our ideas for the future, our ideas for our country . . . with love and respect.

Our country is in a state of emergency, and most of our citizens don’t yet see what is happening. It is our duty to tell them by any means possible: radio, newspaper, conferences, door to door, tv and online multi-media . . . always with the words of God and according to sound biblical principles (Matthew 24:38).

For all these reasons I’m a proud member and candidate for the Christian Heritage Party of Canada. We need your prayers and financial support, but we also need more candidates, campaign managers, official agents, and many other volunteer roles within our party. Let us know what you can do.

God bless you all! With much love,
Yves Gilbert
CHP member and candidate, Val-Alain, Quebec

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