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Suppose There Were Only 10%?

Tue, November 03, 2020   |   Author: Rod Taylor   |   Volume 27    Issue 44 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Canada today stands at a crossroads. Many of our fellow-citizens have rejected God, have rejected biblical morality and have rejected respect for human life. Often we see the dwindling numbers of churchgoers or the rising numbers of gender-confused young people and we wonder if there are enough Canadians with a biblical world view to prevent the complete collapse of the social order.

In the book of Genesis, chapter 18, we find Abraham reasoning with God and attempting to persuade Him not to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, in spite of their great sin and rebellion. He was trying to protect his nephew, Lot, from being destroyed. He asks God if He would spare the city of Sodom if He could find fifty righteous people in it. God agrees to spare the city if He could find fifty righteous. To be on the safe side, Abraham asks him, “what if you only find forty-five?” God promises that He would spare the city for the sake of forty-five righteous. Abraham is encouraged... but begins to wonder if there are that many righteous in Sodom. He continues to lower the bar and finally asks God if ten would be enough. God tells him that He would spare the city for the sake of ten. Abraham did not dare to ask for any greater measure of mercy; perhaps he assumed that there must be at least ten.

But there were not ten to be found. God spared Lot and his family, but the city was destroyed because of the prevailing wickedness of its citizens.

We can’t draw an exact parallel between Canada and the conditions in the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah at the time of Abraham. The population numbers, the system of government, the means of communication available are all different. What is clear is that the men of Sodom collectively chose to violate God’s principles and God held them to account. Today, Canada is wavering between two opinions. It seems that many politicians have tested the wind and have chosen to violate God’s principles in hopes of gaining political advantage. In a relentless cycle of cause-and-effect, the decisions they make while in office strengthen the prevailing attitudes, resulting in a further societal departure from biblical norms.

Members of the Christian Heritage Party and others who still hold to a biblical world view continue to call on politicians to enact laws that reflect the dignity of man, the sanctity of human life and the value of traditional marriage. In our view, this nation is “polluted with innocent blood”. The practice of child sacrifice on the altar of the false god of Choice is an offence to Almighty God who has created every human being in His own sacred image.

But back to Genesis... by the time Lot attempted to persuade his fellow-citizens to restrain their evil behaviour, his opinions were so contrary to the mainstream thinking that he was hated and targeted by the mob. They would have killed him if not for God’s intervention. That is quite similar to the situation in Canada today. Those who propose a return to biblical standards of morality are accused of hate crimes. They are told they have no right to speak on important issues of the day in the media, in the classroom, or even in their homes — if they are seeking to persuade their own children to follow biblical standards of sexuality.

Biblical standards for marriage, gender, sanctity of life, and parental responsibilities have been attacked and undermined. The secular media, government-controlled education systems, and even the hegemons of the corporate world have all contributed. But there is still a remnant who have not abandoned God as the unchanging and inerrant source of wisdom, prudence and security.

In the recent BC provincial election, I was privileged—for the first time, after many election campaigns—to receive over 10% of the vote (actually 12.68% on election night, but this number may change once the mail-in ballots are counted). This was tremendously encouraging to me. It was not enough to win a seat but it told me that a significant portion of the voting public still shares our views on Life, Family, and Freedom. Even more interesting and encouraging was the percentage of students in my electoral district (Stikine) who ranked CHP policies as the best. In fact, 41% of all the students in our district who participated in the Student Votes poll chose me and the Christian Heritage Party of BC. Had my electoral success depended on their votes, I would now be an MLA.

In Abbotsford South, our recently-acclaimed CHP-BC Leader, Laura-Lynn Thompson, also came very near the 10% mark, with 9.2% on election night. Her numbers could go up or down when the mail-in ballots are tallied but the important thing to note is that a significant percentage of the voting public chose her over the established candidates in the big parties. Our other three candidates—Aeriol Alderking, Dee Kranz and Dan Stuart—also did very well in their ridings, starting from scratch and competing against the mass-media frenzy that focused mainly on the NDP and the BC Liberals. I’m certainly very pleased with how all our candidates conducted themselves and represented the CHP platform.

What’s my point? Whether it’s 10% or ten individuals, it is extremely important that we in the CHP stand firm and offer voters a principled choice for morality and freedom. In doing this, we will encourage all citizens standing for justice and truth and show them that they are not alone! We must continue to present truth in the public square, even when it seems unpopular. Young people need to know that there is an alternative to the mass hysteria and chaos being presented as normal.

Some years ago, Leonard Ravenhill wrote a book, Sodom Had No Bible, in which he made the case that we in the western world have far less excuse for our immorality today than the residents of Sodom, because we have the written Word of God, a resource that was not available in the days of Lot. We who know the truth have a responsibility to proclaim that truth.

If you are a truth-proclaimer and you have not yet joined the Christian Heritage Party, please join with us now and help us present the truth that alone can transform our society for the better.

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