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Laws Are for the Little People

Tue, September 15, 2020   |   Author: Vicki Gunn   |   Volume 27    Issue 37 | Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

It hardly seems to be news anymore. The Liberals and their “accidental” breaking of the law is just so common that I hesitate to comment on it. Bill Morneau fined for breaking electoral law… Blah, Blah!

As with the WE scandal, Bill Morneau, ex-Finance Minister, again gives us the “Oops! I didn’t know” excuse. Ignorance? Maybe. But disdain for laws is part of the track record for our current Prime Minister and, obviously, both cabinet and caucus are similarly infected. Raj Grewal? Marwan Tabbara? What more criminal acts will come to light?

Dare I point out that our Prime Minister admitted to smoking pot as a Member of Parliament . . . while it was illegal? But, hey! He didn’t like that law so let the “little people” pay the price; he will proudly stand up and dare anyone to hold him accountable under the law. His brother also got off on drug charges but, again, laws are for the little people . . . not for the rich and influential.

Groping women? While politicians, businessmen, actors, and many others lost their jobs because they inappropriately mauled women, our Prime Minister justifies his groping because he didn’t realize she was a reporter. It’s okay to grope a woman you think is a little hussy, but mauling a reporter, that deserves an “Oops!” While other men facing allegations of sexual misconduct lost their jobs, or went to jail, or in some way paid a price, our Prime Minister did not. He was young and handsome and drunk and rich—and doesn’t have to adhere to the laws of Canada. Laws are for the little people!

What about when our Prime Minister didn’t want the Attorney General to do her job? He wanted SNC Lavalin to be above the law . . . like himself. One of very few principled Liberal MPs, Jody Wilson-Raybould, was pushed and prodded, hounded and pressured, to do what she knew to be illegal. Aw shucks! That’s ok! The Prime Minister didn’t like that law anyway.

He didn’t think that the law which didn’t allow him to accept gifts from the Aga Khan was applicable to him either, and these are just the instances in which he was caught.

Then came the WE scandal. The Prime Minister and the ex-Finance Minister, again, held themselves above the law. While their families were paid by WE and they received perks, they voted to make WE the sole contractor for some government services. Ah well! Boys will be boys! It was just a little law and only a few (hundred) million dollars to be considered.

But let’s take step back to June 15, 1215; with the signing of the Magna Carta, those in Britain and later throughout the Commonwealth, were granted equality under the law. There was no longer one law for the rich and one law for the poor. Our forbears put the “crown” (government) underneath the law along with the rest of the citizens. One law applied equally to all. That’s our heritage! (The one our Prime Minister doesn’t seem to believe or understand that we have.)

To look at this current government, you’d be hard pressed to believe that a system of laws—equally applied—is a hallmark of Canada. But it’s true!

Why do I say that this current government holds itself above the law?

We see our Prime Minister convicted for ethics violations—twice. He also admits that he broke the law while serving as an MP. When the law stands in the way, and a knowledgeable lawyer like Jody Wilson-Raybould advises the Prime Minster (who has the legal qualifications of a drama teacher) that what he wants to do is illegal, he does the easy thing . . . he gets rid of that person. Then, he could try to do what he wanted by circumventing the law. Doesn’t that sound like something from bygone eras when the ruler was above the law?

The announcement on September 10th that Bill Morneau broke the law, was charged and given a small fine, does not change the fact that this government has repeatedly broken the law. But it is another reminder of a disturbing pattern. Perhaps it’s not clear to them that they don’t get to do whatever they choose just because they’re rich and powerful.

Morneau appeared as a dignitary at public events—at taxpayer expense—and promoted Liberal candidates. This was during the pre-writ period, a time when advertising for political parties is limited by law. Was there nobody in the Liberal Party who could see that this activity was illegal?

Our heritage calls for “honest weights and measures”. While this may be a lofty goal it is something to strive for and governing officials should be held to a higher standard of integrity. If laws are only important for the average citizen, then how long before the average citizen casts off the shackles of law and order and we descend into anarchy? We have seen glimpses of this already.

Look south of the border and you can see, nightly, what happens when law and order have been cast aside. Is this what we envision for Canada? Should we all be equal by being above the law, or by being equal under the law? Will you feel safe in the streets of our cities when the laws of civil society have been cast aside?

If special groups, such as MPs, are able to take tax-payer funds to seek better electoral results for their Party, then equality is lost. When a government can award multi-million dollar contracts to their friends while not giving equal opportunity to other Canadians, equality is also lost.

When media outlets that print politically-correct stories get taxpayer funds while media outlets critical of the government do not receive taxpayer funds then equality is lost.

If one man may manhandle women, while every other man must pay a price, then equality is lost.

CHP Canada firmly believes in laws that apply equally to all. We believe that every Canadian, rich or poor, black or white, citizen or landed-immigrant, blonde or brunette, Member of Parliament or member of the public, should all be governed by the same law and should all be judged under the same law. Laws are NOT just for the little people.

For government that holds to the freedoms gained through our heritage in Common Law, that holds to the equalities hard won and equally applied, it’s time to join and promote the only party that has its foundation securely in our heritage.

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