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Christian Heritage Party Leader Endorses Truckers’ Convoy for Freedom

Wed, January 26, 2022

Today, Rod Taylor, National Leader of CHP Canada, endorsed the truck convoy headed to Ottawa to demand the withdrawal of the Federal Government’s vaccine mandates for truckers crossing the border between Canada and the United States.

“My hat is off to the brave men and women, truckers and other Canadians who have committed the time, money and energy to make the long winter drive to Ottawa to demand that the Government of Canada stop abusing its power and stop violating the rights and freedoms of Canadian citizens. Those rights and freedoms—freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of mobility and the freedom to work and earn a living are guaranteed in the Charter and no government—federal, provincial or municipal—has the legal or moral authority to deprive Canadian citizens of those rights.”

Mr. Taylor noted the strong level of support for the truck convoy in large and small communities all along the way: “I know in our northern BC communities, many local citizens came out to show their support as the first trucks made their way along Highway 16. A large group was gathered in Smithers and I also stood with a very enthusiastic crowd in Houston, BC. We’ve seen the video clips from the Lower Mainland and from Calgary, hundreds, even thousands, lining the streets and making their voices heard for freedom. Prime Minister Trudeau, all Provincial Premiers and Public Health Officers should pay attention: Canadians are waking up and will no longer tolerate being lied to. It’s time to abandon the manipulative and coercive strategies that have failed to protect Canadians from infection or transmission. The mandates must go!”

The Christian Heritage Party supports vaccine choice for adults, the elimination of mask mandates, the removal of restrictions on gatherings and the reinstatement of all employees who have lost their jobs due to their vaccine-free status. Taylor went on to say, “There has been no informed consent because the government has censored important information regarding vaccine safety and efficacy. If you are not informed of both risks and benefits, you cannot give informed consent. We also demand that public health officers remove restrictions on safe and effective therapies that are available in other countries. To deny Canadians early access to these medications is unconscionable.”


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