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Better Solutions



Our Heritage

Canada’s heritage is common to all western countries where the laws are founded on biblical values. The fruits of this heritage are unparalleled freedoms and equal standing before the law for all citizens. One could take a map of the world, highlight those countries with the greatest historic freedoms and equality of opportunity and see the benefits, which have come to their citizens from our shared Christian heritage.

As secularism has taken root in our society we have seen increasing limitations on our historic freedoms and equalities.

Over past decades, we have seen a greater number of laws that provide extra protections to one group, leaving all Canadians who are not part of that group with ‘lesser protection.’

We have seen the rise of Human Rights Commissions, which have become censors of our thoughts, motives, beliefs and words.

We have seen laws passed based on exceptional circumstances rather than on normal circumstances. In an effort to avoid the dramatic and sometimes heartrending complications of exceptional circumstances, all Canadians have been forced to pay a price in lost freedoms.

We have watched governments encroaching into the homes of Canadians, the historic sphere of the family, and robbing families of their right to self-govern.

It is to address these inequities, and other governmental abuses of power, that the Christian Heritage Party provides Canadians with these Better Solutions.

We invite you to visit often, and read our weekly Communiqué, to get the pulse of average, everyday Canadians reclaiming our God-given rights and freedoms by reclaiming our democratic government.

Better Solutions

Life and Family – CHP Canada has Better Solutions to strengthen the family, which is the foundation of a strong, stable society. Our policies defend innocent life from conception to natural death.


Economy - Canada’s economy either enriches or impoverishes both future generations and today’s citizens. Pride in what we have contributed to society ensures a healthy, productive workforce.  A healthy, productive workforce enriches those who serve an active role, both in material resources and in their ability to serve their families and others.


Justice - Justice is more than crime and punishment, although that remains an important part of true justice. It includes equal protection of all Canadians under our laws. True justice does not allow partiality or special protections for any individual or group of people. Our justice platform focuses on restitution for property crimes and public safety from violent crime.


Immigration and Refugees - To enjoy the privilege of living in Canada, immigrants – although proud of their own cultural heritage – must pledge their allegiance to the new land which they have chosen to call their home. We are, rightly, proud of our tradition of accepting immigrants and refugees. In order to protect the process for legitimate immigrants and refugees, a firm hand must be taken to protect Canadians from those who do not value our democratic values and who may pose a threat to Canada’s national security.


Environment - Mankind has been given the responsibility of “stewarding” the earth, including its natural resources, its varied life forms and its complex ecosystems, for the benefit of future generations and to protect the integrity and beauty of God’s creation. We must respectfully and gratefully use and maintain the function of our natural ecosystems.


Resource Management – Canada has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources, including fossil fuels, fresh water, productive land, minerals and a wide variety of plants and animals, which are not only beautiful but useful to our citizens. The Christian Heritage Party will establish management guidelines based on principles of respectful and efficient use of non-renewable resources and wise replenishment and care for renewable resources. 


Healthcare - Our Canadian Healthcare system, though envied by many countries, is in serious need of an overhaul. Wait times are far too long for necessary medical services. Some of our hospitals are not healthy places for patients or visitors. There needs to be improved access to medical technologies and research. Our medical system needs to promote a healthy lifestyle in addition to current medical options.