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Election 2015



We would to thank all of you who voted for a Christian Heritage Party candidate on October 19th. Our candidates and our national executive are encouraged by your support.

For those who did not have the option to vote CHP, many of you contacted us to express your support and joined CHP Canada to ensure that next election you do have a candidate.
We are also encouraged by your support.

Thank you to our CHP candidates, who faithfully served Canada in this 2015 election. Your efforts have ensured that Canadians are reminded of the proud heritage that has been passed on to us. May the freedom and equality that we have inherited be passed to future generations.

God bless Canada!


The following ridings have candidates who are approved by The Christian Heritage Party for the 2015 Federal Election:

No Candidate in Your Riding?

If you don’t see a CHP candidate listed for your riding, there could be one of two reasons:

  1. No candidate has yet come forward to represent the CHP in your district.
  2. Or the CHP has decided not to run a candidate in that district in 2015 as a gesture of respect and support for a solid pro-life, pro-family MP or candidate.

If you believe the CHP should have a candidate in your area, please suggest a name to us: someone you know who has integrity and a passion to see righteousness restored to Canada. It could be you! Talk to us! Call our National Campaign Chair, Mr. Peter Vogel at: 1-888-VOTE CHP (1-888-868-3247).

Find Your Electoral District

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