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Scott Whittaker | Simcoe North
p: 705-326-5185

Scott is a registered candidate for Simcoe North.

You may also donate via cheque:

Rita Chapman, Official Agent for Scott Whittaker
92 Simcoe Street
Orillia, Ontario
L3V 1G7

About Scott

The Simcoe North Christian Heritage Party Electoral District Association is pleased to announce that they have acclaimed Scott Whittaker to serve as their candidate in the 2015 general election.

As a lifelong resident of Orillia, many of you know Scott through various sports and his work as a Financial Security Advisor with Freedom 55 Financial.

Scott says, "I appreciate the trust our EDA has in electing me to serve as candidate. I believe that many Canadians share my vision of a country where our children and grand-children can live in secure, safe communities, enjoying personal freedoms and justice in a democratic country with a strong national economy. I look forward to meeting the constituents of Simcoe North and introducing them to the Christian Heritage Party."

Local All-candidates Debate Videos

Simcoe North All Candidates Debate

Contact the Scott Whittaker campaign at:

ph: 705-326-5185 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Andrew Moriarity | Durham
CHP Candidate Durham Ontario

Andrew is a registered candidate for Durham.

About Andrew

The Durham Christian Heritage Party electoral district association is pleased to announce they have elected Andrew Moriarity to serve as candidate in the 2015 general election.

Mr. Moriarity is also serving as the Durham CHP President and Durham CHP District Manager. He is involved in administration and worship at the Freeway Free Methodist church in Oshawa and is currently a representative with Set Free Durham, a church led group fighting Human Trafficking in Durham region.

Mr. Moriarity says “I am proud to serve our EDA in Durham. Our goal is to bring a message of Christian compassion and Christian conscience to our constituents and to champion respect for all human life and for freedom of religion as guaranteed in our constitution. I look forward to meeting our constituents and introducing them to the CHP.”

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact the Andrew Moriarity campaign at:

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Harold Jonker | Niagara West
p: 905-961-1508

Harold is a registered candidate for Niagara West.

You may also donate via cheque:

Coreen Wierenga, Official Agent for Harold Jonker
2125 Port Davidson Rd. RR#2
Smithville, Ontario
L0R 2A0

Please make cheques payable to, Coreen Wierenga, Official Agent for Harold Jonker

About Harold

Harold Jonker has a passion for Canada and all who live in this great country! 

He is:

  • a thankful family-man; with Janice his wife of 18 years, they have raised their 11 children.
  • a resident of St Anns, ON for 18 years.
  • on the board of directors of Guido de Bres High School, and has served as deacon in his church.
  • serving on the board of EDA of Niagara West - Glanbrook.
  • a candidate for Niagara Falls electoral district in 2011.
  • involved in his family operated, trucking business for 20 years, currently managing it in Caistor Centre, ON.
  • sincerely concerned about the issues facing Niagara's residents and all Canadians.

He has devoted his time and energy to help bring Canada back to its Christian heritage which makes it one of the most blessed, free, and beautiful countries in the world! He will run exclusively as a candidate for the Christian Heritage Party of Canada; the only party that has the courage to stand up for what is right -- and best for this country. 

Harold believes that church and state must remain separate, but that Christians have a lot to offer in the political field.

Extra Information for the Campaign

Lawn Sign If you are willing and able to have a lawn sign placed on your front lawn, please contact Bill Bylsma at 905-957-3164 or Marcy Schulenberg at 905-563-5577 or We are also looking for homes for our large 4’x8’ signs, if you live on a highly visible location, we would love to put one there!

Hey Youth! This is the time to get involved!!! Remember, your efforts and help will go towards you high school volunteer hours!

Contact the Harold Jonker campaign at:

ph: 905-961-1508 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Jim Enos | Hamilton Mountain
p: 289-778-1510

Jim is a registered candidate for Hamilton Mountain.

You may also donate via cheque:

Cheques made out to:   

CHP, Hamilton Mountain

Mailed to:

CHP, Hamilton Mountain
P.O. Box 30028
1599 Upper James Street
Hamilton Ontario
L9B 0E4

About Jim

Jim co-founded the Hamilton-Wentworth Family Action Council in 1996 and continues to serve as President. For 19 years, the Council’s purpose has been to lead a coalition of concerned families, churches and like-minded agencies to work together in the community, the province and the nation to restore and preserve Judaeo-Christian family principles in public policy and governance. He has been part of several successful efforts to restore and preserve the Christian world view in public policy and governance at various levels. Locally, the successes of the Council include:

  1. Defunding and closure of Planned Parenthood Hamilton
  2. Establishment of the ongoing publicly funded Hamilton Sexual Health Network and the ‘Worth the Wait’ adolescent sexual activity postponement campaign
  3. Reforming of the Hamilton-Wentworth Public School Board Healthy Living Curriculum with a focus on abstinence and parental involvement

Nationally the successes of the Council include:

  1. Raising of the national age of sexual consent from 14 to 16
  2. Increasing penalties for those involved with child sexual abuse through pornography

Jim believes that getting to and staying at the public table is of utmost importance for those who wish to influence public policy and governance. It is Canada’s Christian heritage that made Canada great and it is the rapid departure from this heritage that continues to destroy her.

Jim is committed to contend for Canada’s Christian heritage in the public square and in public governance.

If you believe that the Christian world view is the best standard on which to base public policy and governance then you must vote to make Jim Enos your MP in Ottawa.

Contact the Jim Enos campaign at:

ph: 289-778-1510 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Adam De Kroon | Cariboo—Prince George
CHP Candidate for Cariboo-Prince George, BC
p: 250-925-1225

Adam is a registered candidate for Cariboo-Prince George.

You may also donate via cheque:

Adam De Kroon Campaign
c/o Henry Hanna Official Agent
505 Pierce Cres
Quesnel, BC
V2J 4X7

Please make cheques payable to: Henry Hanna, Official Agent for Adam De Kroon.

You need to include, clearly, your full name, address and postal code to receive an official tax receipt.

About Adam

Adam is a native of the Cariboo region. He has previous experience working as a manager in customer service, and he currently works in the lumber industry. He is also completing 3rd year studies towards a BA in Computer Science. Adam is passionate about having true conservative values represented in Parliament; fiscal responsibility, pro-life interests, and less government intrusion into individual liberty etc. The people of the Cariboo-Prince George area need strong conservative representation and Adam is seeking to be their voice.

Contact the Adam De Kroon campaign at:

ph: 250-925-1225 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Scott Miller | Winnipeg Centre
CHP Candidate Winnipeg Centre Manitoba

Scott is a registered candidate for Winnipeg Centre.

About Scott

Rev. Scott Miller is a chaplain at Union Gospel Mission and has worked in Winnipeg Centre for about fifteen years as well as having lived in the area for about the same length of time. He has served the area as a counsellor at Teen Challenge, Director of the Lighthouse Mission, Pastor of a local church as well as in his current position as a UGM Chaplain. He has two Masters degrees and an earned Doctor of Ministry degree.

Scott is concerned for Winnipeg Centre having ministered to the people of the area for many years and would like to address issues of safety and equality by promoting a respect for life at all stages of human development. He recognizes that respect for life needs to begin at the earliest stages of human existence and extend to the end of one’s natural life. By promoting this respect for life he believes people will be influenced to treat each other with more respect and dignity and will consequently move further away from violence and criminality. He is also concerned about the plight of missing and murdered aboriginal women and about the treaties with native people that have been broken and ignored. He desires to influence government to invoke policies to investigate the plight of aboriginal women, that breed a respect for life and an honouring of promises to Aboriginal people that have been made in the past.

Contact the Scott Miller campaign at:

email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Len Noordegraaf | Simcoe Grey
CHP Candidate Simcoe Grey Ontario

Len Noordegraaf is a registered candidate for Simcoe Grey.

About Len

Len Noordegraaf was born on August 2, 1952 in Kincardine, Ontario. He was the 6th of 10 children and the first born in Canada to his Dutch immigrant parents. The family ended up settling near Edenvale, Ontario. After grade 12 he started working at Bell Canada as a line-man at the age of 17. Four years later he married Geraldine Vandevis and together th ey have 5 adult children and 6 grandchildren.

When his dad retired, Len bought the family farm with his brother. He farmed for approximately 20 years, and in 1987 Len started his own business. He built fences, decks and railings for 20 years before selling the business to his daughter and son-in-law. Since then, he has started another business trimming trees etc. with the help of his bucket truck.

Len attends Collingwood Christian Reformed Church where he has served on council a number of times, several of them as chair. He also served as chair on the local Christian School board. He enjoys fellowship with his church family and also maintains quality relationships with his 9 siblings and his own children and grandchildren. He places a lot of value in spending time with loved ones. He currently lives on a small hobby farm in New Lowell with his wife and his daughter and son-in-law and their kids. He enjoys raising various poultry and livestock for the family to eat, talking for hours with his wife and tinkering in his workshop.

He has been involved off and on with the CHP since it was established as the Simcoe Centre riding. Why is he running? The CHP offers a common sense solution.

Contact the Len Noordegraaf campaign at:

email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Michael Hopkins | Elgin—Middlesex—London
CHP Candidate Elgin-Middlesex-London Ontario
p: 519-207-0418

Michael is a registered candidate for Elgin-Middlesex-London.

You may also donate via cheque:

Stephen Hopkins, Official Agent for Michael Hopkins
187 Inkerman St
St Thomas, Ontario
N5P 3H3

About Michael

I was born and raised in St Thomas Ontario. After high school, I lived in and around Victoria and Vancouver where I met my wife Wendy, who grew up in Victoria. We now have three children together; Noah, 9, Dorothy, 7, and Jacob, 5. I studied machining practices at Fanshawe College in St Thomas after returning from British Columbia and I am presently working in this field as a General Machinist at a local machine shop. I have also worked in construction and the manufacturing fields. I especially enjoy coaching my children's baseball teams, playing the piano, and generally being with my family.

I have always been interested conversations surrounding politics and ways to make Canada a better, more prosperous, and compassionate country. When I discovered CHP, I realized how much CHP's policies reflected my beliefs in these matters. I was moved to become a member right away. I am especially interested in CHP's policies to put an end to wasteful, corrupt, and unresponsive government, implementing new and fairer tax codes, and bringing forth an atmosphere enabling stay at home child and elder care. CHP's "Better Solutions" are the only policies being offered to bring about the changes needed the make Canada all that it should be and more.

Contact the Michael Hopkins campaign at:

ph: 519-207-0418 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Jude Coutinho | Scarborough—Agincourt
CHP Candidate Scarborough-Agincourt Ontario
p: 416-491-0124 / c: 416-839-2662

Jude is a registered candidate for Scarborough-Agincourt by-election on December 11, 2017.

You may donate via cheque:

Jude Coutinho Campaign
c/o Mary Anne Coutinho, Official Agent
26 - 81 Brookmill Blvd
Scarborough, Ontario
M1W 2L5

Please make cheques payable to, Mary Anne Coutinho, Official Agent.

You need to include, clearly, your full name, address and postal code to receive an official tax receipt.

About Jude

Jude and his wife have been married 25 years; they have 4 children. His wife, Aloma, was a homemaker for over 23 years. Jude is grateful for his wife and recognizes her gifts as the providence of God for their family. After reading the Bible, he made a commitment to serve the Lord. Jude serves in the Catholic Church, helping with the altar servers (the past 7 years) as well as instructing children in the faith. The past 3 years he has also been instructing adult converts to the faith.

In the process, Jude came to recognize the dignity of human life and how precious each life is in the sight of God. He sees that some of the laws of the land in Canada are directly opposed to God's will. This prompted Jude to take a stand for life; Jude has gone to Ottawa for many pro-life marches and is inspired by hearing leaders who will stand for life.

Jude has a degree in Mathematics. He seeks to honour Christ in his work. He hopes to bring a Christian world view back to our families, communities and country.

Jude is on Linkedin as Jude Coutinho Catechist Roman Catholic Church

Jude appreciates your help as he seeks to bring Christian morality back to government.

You can help the Jude Coutinho campaign by:

  • Praying
  • Volunteering for door to door canvassing. Please contact the campaign if you are available.
  • Giving: Canadian citizens may contribute any amount up to $1550 to the campaign of a federal candidate.*

*$1550 is the annual contribution limit to all candidates and / or electoral district associations. Individuals may contribute a further $1550 to the national party, CHP Canada.

Videos with Jude:

Guest on talk show (YouTube - 1 hour)

Contact the Jude Coutinho campaign at:

ph: 416-491-0124 / c: 416-839-2662 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Yegor Tarazevich | Mississauga—Streetsville
CHP Candidate Mississauga-Streetsville Ontario
p: 647-274-1192

Yegor is a registered candidate for Mississauga-Streetsville.

Online donations coming soon.

About Yegor

Yegor is a Christian who has dedicated his life to serving God since he was 18 years old. He is a computer programmer by profession, and is actively involved in:

- Volunteering and supporting a ministry to orphans that helps around 500 orphans, rescuing them from death, pain and life of misery.
- Volunteering in a Mississauga shelter, serving food to the homeless.
- Volunteering in the local Discovery Community Christian Church for the last 7 years.

Although Yegor was born with a disability, he still enjoys life: "My 24 years with a congenital heart disease caused me to feel the pain of disabled people, and it still motivates me to stand-up for those with disabilities."

This is also why he feels the pain of unborn children who could have been born and enjoyed life. They are being discriminated against and killed by abortion because they were unwanted by parents.

Yegor has decided to enter politics because the role of the government is to protect the innocent and to provide justice for the oppressed.

It is Canada’s Christian heritage that made Canada great, but the rapid departure from this heritage since the 1970s continues to destroy our country.  Until the 1970s one person commonly was able to provide for the whole family (often with many children) without any child assistance payments. As Canada has departed from Christian principles, its economic situation and justice system have declined: both parents have to work very hard to provide for the family; housing is increasingly unaffordable and the quality of health care is deteriorating. 

Yegor is committed to contending for restoration of Canada’s Christian heritage in the public square and in public governance.

You can help the Yegor Tarazevich campaign by:

  • Praying
  • Giving: Canadian citizens may contribute any amount up to $1500 to the campaign of a federal candidate. In addition you can also donate up to $1500 to CHP party, for a total maximum contribution of $3,000. The average taxpayer will receive 75% of his or her first $400 contribution back as a tax credit. The maximum possible tax credit is $650. 
  • Volunteering
  • Getting a lawn sign

Contact the Yegor Tarazevich campaign at:

email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Melody Aldred | Oxford
CHP Candidate Oxford Ontario
p: 519-200-4906

Melody is a registered candidate for Oxford.

You may also donate via cheque:

Anne Reyneveld, Official Agent
496953 10th Line,
RR# 2 Tavistock, Ontario
N0B 2R0

About Melody

Melody is grateful for the opportunity as a CHP candidate to boldly stand for the sanctity of life and Biblical values in the public square and public governance. She also serves to give a conscientious Judeo-Christian, world view choice on the ballot…a vote for true freedom, justice and security.

A woman of unwavering conviction, passion and principles, she has served her community and country in a wide range of areas. Her involvement and successes include:

  1. Founder and teacher of Paint & Praise art lessons
  2. Compassion volunteer and fundraiser
  3. Environmental work
  4. Youth Group leader
  5. Foster parent
  6. Pro-life work to raise awareness in government

Through the experience of an abortion at a young age, Melody has become deeply compelled to work for the rights of our pre-born children, as well as protecting moms, dads and society from the deception and burden of abortion. She believes that left unchecked, this devaluation of human life and the rapid departure from our moral standards will destroy not only individuals but this great nation itself. In this campaign, Melody is determined to bring these paramount issues to the forefront. That by initiating the respectful table of discussion, through compassion, wisdom and Biblical principles, our country will find honouring, fair and just solutions.

Melody longs to impart the same passion and zeal she has for her country… that each Canadian would be inspired to see a restored and renewed Canada, as we seek to honour our Christian heritage. In this campaign Melody will bring into view this heritage which lies at the very heart and soul of our nation’s identity and greatness. She is hopeful that in this, a “regeneration of the nation” would restore Canada to moral, social, political and economic vigour. In CHP, Melody offers Canada a better choice…a governance who is united in the purpose of ensuring freedom, security and justice for all citizens from conception to natural death by instituting just and truthful laws…a governance that champions in honouring Biblical morality in Canada for this nation’s future and ultimate prosperity.

If you believe the Christian worldview is the best standard on which to base public policy, then you must vote Melody Aldred your MP in Ottawa.

Contact the Melody Aldred campaign at:

ph: 519-200-4906 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Christene Squires | Cardigan
CHP Candidate Cardigan PEI
p: 902-962-2171

Christene is a registered candidate for Cardigan.

You may also donate via cheque:

Mary Baglole Official Agent for Christene Squires 2015
220 Kensington Road,
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 7S3

About Christene

I was born in Baie Verte, Newfoundland, in 1969, a first generation Newfoundland Canadian.

I have seen the greatness of God's power and mercy in a place that is shunned by the mighty. Therefore, I am a firm believer that God uses the weak to defeat the mighty. I look forward to seeing God's power move from the east to the west of this great nation in this general election.

I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia and later attended Saint Mary's University (SMU). I graduated in 1996 with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy.

I taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in South Korea for several years.

I lived several times over the following years in PEI and finally settled here.

In 2014, I graduated from Liberty University with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies through their online program.

I am currently involved in several activities such as Voice of the Martyrs Canada (VOMC), Assisting Indigenous Missions (AIM), several creative writing projects and with the PEI Newcomers Association.

My goal in this election is to make a choice available to my constituents bringing to Ottawa exactly what they believe is right and good for our nation. I am ready to defend all aspects of this riding with regards to social, political and economic concerns.

Contact the Christene Squires campaign at:

ph: 902-962-2171 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Yves Gilbert | Bellechasse—Les Etchemins—Levis

About Yves

Yves est né à Roberval Québec, il a grandi dans la région de Québec et a fait ses études à l’institut maritime du Québec à Rimouski.

Yves est un marin professionnel et travaille comme chef officier mécanicien dans la région de Montréal. Il est marié à Madame Chantal Lepage et demeure à Lévis.

Il parle couramment les 2 langues officielles du pays. Il a travaillé dans la construction de navires neufs au Chantier Davie Canada Inc de Lévis et dans divers projets de plusieurs grands chantiers maritimes mondiale.

Yves a voyagé dans plus de 30 pays, il est donc très conscient des différentes cultures et coutumes de d’autre pays.

Il est entré en politique par une prophétie sur sa vie il y a un peu plus de 2 ans : Un prophète de New York USA Monsieur William Emmons a dit que Yves allait avoir une voie forte pour notre Seigneur, alors, il a décidé d’obéir à l’appel de notre Seigneur.

Il a formé une équipe remplie de passion et du Saint Esprit pour faire le bon combat, celui de la foi, et sauver notre pays par la grâce de notre Dieu.

Beaucoup de lois et règlements ne respecte plus les valeurs de base de la fondation de notre beau et grand pays. Avec l’aide de tous, nous pouvons changer de course et rendre le Canada meilleur, plus juste et prospère.


Merci de votez CHP en 2019 et changer les choses!


Yves Gilbert, candidat du parti de l’héritage chrétien du Canada.


Yves Gilbert, biography


Yves was born in Roberval Quebec, grew up in the Quebec City area and studied at the Institute Maritime du Québec at Rimouski.

Yves is a professional sailor and he works as a chief engineer officer in the Montreal area. He is married to Madame Chantal Lepage and lives in Lévis.

He is fluent in the 2 official languages ​​of the country. He has worked in the construction of new ships at Chantier Davie Canada Inc. in Lévis and various projects in several major shipyards worldwide.

Yves travels to over 30 different countries, so he is very aware of the different cultures and customs of other countries.

He entered politics due to a prophecy about his life little more than two years ago. A prophet from New York USA Sir William Emmons said that Yves was going to have a voice for our Lord, so he decided to obey this call from our Lord.

He has made a team filled with passion and the Holy Spirit for the great battle, that of faith, and to save our country by the grace of our God.

Many laws and regulations no longer respect the basic values ​​of the foundation of our great and beautiful country. With the help of all, we can reverse the trend and make Canada better, just and prosperous.


Thank you for voting CHP in 2019 to change our country!


Yves Gilbert, candidate of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

Contact the Yves Gilbert campaign at:

email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Lily Eggink |

About Lily

Haldimand Norfolk

Lily Eggink was born in Jarvis, Ontario, and is currently living in Port Dover with her 18 and 20 year-old sons.

Lily worked for 18 years as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) to the elderly and disabled in hospital, long term care, and in the community. 

She currently breeds Labrador Retrievers, cleans for her church and a friend, and is going back to College for a 2-year program. Lily is very active for the Lord: she is a member of Guided Hands; leads the Daniel Plan lifestyle group at Kingsway Church in Balmoral, near Jarvis; and is part of the many helping hands in the church. She volunteers with Simcoe & District Voice for Life, and has participated in various Mission trips, which are ongoing.

The Lord has worked wonders in Lily’s life and she is now running for the CHP because she believes in what the CHP stands for, and wants “to stand with us all in affecting changes in how our beautiful country is run, all for the Glory of God.”

Contact the Lily Eggink campaign at:

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Fred Macleod |

About Fred

With his formal education, training, and life experience, Fred questioned how to serve God and Country. This led him to the “CHP”. He is ready to take a political/biblical stand to serve the constituents of Charlottetown.

Life time involvement in Bible studies and political functions have prepared Fred for the challenge to work from a strong platform for the greater vision.

Fred is presently Clerk of Session for his local church. He attends a small group, and a church Bible study weekly.

He has a diploma in Business Management, and experienced in entrepreneurship, conflict resolution, and negotiations.

Preparation for his “Stand” also includes having served as a Shop Stewart & Director of Local 15 for PEIUPSE and a Gazetted Peace Officer for Highway Safety PEI.

Fred is willing to listen, and take action. He sees the “Big Picture” and will rely on: Asking for answers, Seeking truth, and Knocking on the doors of opportunity.

Contact the Fred Macleod campaign at:

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Gordon Truscott |
p: 519-993-2773

You may also donate via cheque:

CHP Guelph
34 Eastview Rd, Guelph ON
N1E 1Z5

About Gordon

Please vote for Gordon Truscott for Member of Parliament for Guelph in the federal election. Lifelong I have demonstrated care for others.  I believe in giving people a hand up.  Many mentors have shown me better ways to live and proved their own high standards. I have worked for several employers, including having my own business. These workplaces have included factories, driving and teaching English overseas. I founded Michael House in Guelph, a crisis pregnancy home for young ladies who choose to give birth. Rather than being part of a political party that largely will tell you what it will do, I hope to be listening to the needs of Canadians and provide realistic solutions to the multitude of challenges faced by all of us.  My wife of 26 years will be happy to see me as Member of Parliament for Guelph.

Contact the Gordon Truscott campaign at:

ph: 519-993-2773 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Rhys Williams |
p: 506-988-8820

About Rhys

Rhys Williams is an English as a second language tutor and an avid language learner. He also has experience helping visitors and immigrants to Canada learn English and acclimatize to Canadian life.

Rhys became involved with the Christian Heritage Party after seeing that other parties were abandoning the foundational principles that Canada was built upon. He found that the Christian Heritage Party was the only party that would try honour the Preamble to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“I will run as a candidate for the Christian Heritage Party because Canadians deserve an option that will unabashedly stand for life, family and freedom.” - Rhys Williams 

Contact the Rhys Williams campaign at:

ph: 506-988-8820 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Peter Redecop | Elgin—Middlesex—London
p: 519-808-9633

About Peter

Peter Redecop is an excavator operator and heavy equipment operator; he works for a company based in St. Thomas, ON.

Peter is married and a proud father of 3 children.

Peter has lived in Elgin-Middlesex-London since moving to Canada from Paraguay in 2005.

“I am running as a CHP candidate because I know that the Christian Heritage Party does and will continue to stand up for law and order, as well as life, family, and freedom.” -  Peter Redecop.

Contact the Peter Redecop campaign at:

ph: 519-808-9633 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Spencer Katerynuk | Kildonan—St. Paul
p: 204-815-8058

You may also donate via cheque:

123 Hillview Avenue
East Saint Paul, MB R2E 0J7

About Spencer

Spencer Katerynuk is a lifelong resident of Kildonan St. Paul. He graduated from St. Paul’s High School in 2016 and recently graduated from the University of Manitoba this June with his BA in Criminology.

Spencer is passionate about freedom and justice, essential principles that are protected within our Canadian Charter. Much of this passion has led him to not only run for office but also take the first steps into pursuing a career in law. He has worked in various customer service positions and is a long-time volunteer at the Blessed Vasyl Velychkovsky Matryr Shrine.

He endorses the CHP due to their strong stance in favour of his personal commitments to defend life and challenge deceptive phraseologies created through political correctness.

Contact the Spencer Katerynuk campaign at:

ph: 204-815-8058 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Jenni Johnson | Dauphin—Swan River—Neepawa

About Jenni

Jenni Johnson grew up, graduated, and was married in Roblin, MB.  After a year of bible college in Australia, 10 years of living and raising a family in British Columbia, and 3 months of missions-training in Africa, her and her husband and their 4 children moved back to Roblin in 2017.

In the midst of running their own business, homeschooling their children, and renovating their home, politics doesn’t seem like an obvious choice.  But as Canada continues to move further from the Judeo-Christian foundation on which it was built, the time to stand for Life, Family and Freedom is now. 

Jenni is ready to give a voice to the issues that truly matter in this election, and if given the honour, she’s ready to be a voice for her constituents in Ottawa.

Contact the Jenni Johnson campaign at:

email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Sushila Pereira | Oakville

About Sushila

Contact the Sushila Pereira campaign at:

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Rebecca Hein | Brandon—Souris

About Rebecca

Contact the Rebecca Hein campaign at:

email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Kevin Pielak | Surrey Centre
British Columbia Council President

Kevin is a registered candidate for Surrey Centre.

You may also donate via cheque:

Robert Koblensky, Official Agent
10266-124A Street
Surrey, BC
V3V 4W6

About Kevin

Kevin has received his Bachelor of Education in Industrial Education and his Masters of Education in Special Education.

He has served as Christian Heritage Party candidate for Surrey North in 2006, 2008 and 2011. Kevin says he serves as candidate “to strengthen the laws and values that built this great Country.”

Kevin has been serving as BC President since 2014.

He is a member of the B.C. Teachers Federation, Knights of Columbus, Canadian Centre of Bio-ethical Reform, Couples for Christ, Surrey Delta Prolife Society and the Roman Catholic Church.

Click here for information on me and my riding from Shaw TV. (Click on Surrey Centre)

Shaw TV videotaped me and following is the schedule that they will be airing the video for you to watch:

Sat   10-Oct       10:30pm  
Sun   11-Oct   10:30am   2:30pm  
Wed   14-Oct       9:00pm  
Thu   15-Oct   8:30am   12:30pm  

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