Elect According to the Foreknowledge of God

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Talk of an early federal election is in the air. How early? Anybody’s guess. By the time you read this, the writ may already have been dropped. Or not.

There’s only One who knows all things . . . and it’s not Justin Trudeau. It’s the One who knows the end from the beginning: Almighty God, maker of heaven and earth.

The “kings of the earth,” the rulers of nations, those elected, those appointed and those who have seized power by violent overthrow . . . all of them hold their positions by the permission of the One who made them. In His own time, and for His own purposes, our God allows individuals—men and women—to attain to positions of influence, which they hold for a season. Throughout history, some of these individuals have been righteous and have executed righteous decrees. Many have been wicked and have implemented wicked schemes. Not one has ever taken God by surprise. Not one has ever been able to thwart the eternal purposes of God.

The Christian Heritage Party—and all federal parties—have been preparing for this next election, with the hope of electing men and women to office . . . and to achieve a greater level of influence in national affairs. CHP members participate in election campaigns to present biblical truth, to promote biblical values, to defend biblical policies and philosophical positions, which we believe would make Canada a better country, a better place for children, a better environment for families and country with more opportunity for economic growth and personal freedom. In God’s own time, we hope to elect men and women to office who will articulate and uphold those values. Until that time, we use every platform available to us to call our fellow Canadians back to the values and structures anointed and ordained by God—those that will produce the highest level of justice, freedom and fulfilment for all of us.

While God is not bound by our democratic institutions—Parliament, the courts, the ballot box—He has often allowed nations, communities and families to make decisions by majority rule. The decisions of the majority have not always been good. They have often been bad and those nations or communities have often suffered negative consequences for their poor decisions:

  • The majority in the ancient city of Sodom rejected God’s order and chose sexual sin. They paid for that choice when their cities perished in the judgment of God.
  • The majority of the twelve spies sent out by Moses chose disbelief; they in turn influenced a majority of the Israelite nation, who refused the path of faith and obedience. That generation perished in the wilderness.
  • The majority in Nazi Germany chose to be silent for far too long while Hitler hatched his ungodly schemes and murdered millions. Germany suffered, as did the whole world, and paid a horrific price in blood and treasure.
  • The majority of Canadians in recent elections have chosen to believe the lies of secular humanism, the lies of socialism, the lies of godless atheism. We—the people of Canada—have elected MPs, MLAs, city councillors and school board trustees who have rejected the wisdom of God and have enacted laws and regulations leading to the slaughter of four million pre-born babies, the sexual mutilation and disfigurement of thousands of adolescent children and the imposition of mandatory practices that violate our consciences and beliefs.

Canada is polluted with innocent human blood. On what basis can we expect God’s blessing on our nation? The only basis we can possibly have is His grace and this promise (a conditional promise): “IF my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, THEN I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.”

God is faithful and calls us to be faithful. Speaking through Peter, He addresses His people as the “. . . elect (chosen) according to the foreknowledge of God . . .” He knows our thoughts and the intents of our hearts before we speak and before we act. He knows the results of the next election before the writ is even dropped. But that should not make us fatalistic; that should spur us to action, because he calls us to action. It is a mystery how the will of God interacts with the will of man but the Scripture says that He “works in us to will and to do of His good pleasure.”

We don’t know the polling results of the next election but God does. We can’t dictate the rise and fall of nations but God can. We each have a small part. You have only one vote. But you also have a voice. You may have a front lawn where you could display a lawn sign in support of a candidate. If you’re a candidate, you have a golden opportunity to speak to this generation the truths they are longing to hear. Use that opportunity to make a difference. There are people in your communities longing to hear a word of hope, based on God’s unchanging principles.

We Canadians also use the word “elect” in a very specific way. We don’t have the foreknowledge of God but we, the citizens of Canada, are called to elect (choose) according to the will of God. We are to choose godly men and women who will represent the principles of the kingdom as they serve in government at all levels. In 2021, let’s encourage our fellow believers to vote/choose/elect “according to the will of God.”

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