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Immigration and Refugees

Terrorism and Screening

Canada currently identifies over 50 terrorist organisations active in Canada;

Terrorism is a global threat and a threat to Canada’s national security;
Canada is currently at war with an enemy that espouses a particularly dangerous and pernicious ideology, radical Islam, which seeks the subjugation of the entire world to its ideology;
Canada has the world’s highest immigration rate, between 1990 and 2009 our population increased by 3.9 million. In the nine years between 1996 and 2005 well over 200,000 of those immigrants came to Canada from Muslim countries with high numbers of radical Islamists. These immigrants have received insufficient screening simply because the sheer size of the infrastructure required to screen such high numbers of immigrants does not exist in our Department of Immigration. Today, very few immigrants are even interviewed by a Canadian visa officer. The sheer weight of numbers means the vast majority of applicants are processed on paper only. With these kinds of numbers arriving within our borders there is also insufficient time to integrate these newcomers into the broader fabric of Canadian society. 1

Therefore, CHP Canada will immediately overhaul Canada’s current unsustainable policy of mass immigration to:

Recognize that immigration is being used as a subtle and hidden form of jihad designed to undermine Canada’s Judeo-Christian culture; CHP Canada will impose a moratorium on immigration from any Sharia based countries and, in the meantime, work with the Canadian Muslim community until the threat is removed.
Deny immigration to any person who advocates an ideology known to pose a threat to Canadians and Canadian society.
Increase the resources available for screening and reduce the levels of immigration and refugee claims to levels, which can be adequately screened for security and criminal risks.
Increase the use of detention for individuals whose identity is questionable, who pose a potential security threat, and those who have been ordered to leave;
Continue to use the immigration security certificate which is a useful instrument for detaining and removing foreign terrorists;
Track, stop, arrest, and if needed, deport individuals engaged in fundraising for the purpose of terrorism.

To sum up, the Canadian refugee and immigration system is inadequate to secure the nation from the threats posed by terrorism. The above steps are a beginning; CHP Canada will work on a comprehensive and complete review and overhaul of Canada’s current systems for the purpose of making Canada more secure from the threat of terrorism.2

1 See The Effects of Mass Immigration Immigration Policy and the Terrorist Threat in Canada and the United States

2 For more information on Canadian immigration statistics, visit the Fraser Institute’s website.