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Immigration and Refugees


The foundation of a just refugee policy must reflect the core of our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage; love for one’s neighbour, and hospitality and compassion for victims of oppression, persecution and natural disasters.

The standards that normally apply to admitting new immigrants will be waived (with the exception of the oath of loyalty) on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Many refugees are unskilled and need extensive training in order to cope and adapt to our culture and find their place in Canada’s economy.

To ensure that help for refugees is channeled properly and their needs are best met, CHP will involve faith-based groups in a sponsorship and training program.

In order to protect the process for legitimate refugees seeking refuge in Canada, we would track, stop, arrest, and if needed, deport individuals engaged in human smuggling.

The CHP will move toward processing refugee claims in the country of origin through its Canadian embassy, where the basis of a refugee’s claims can be properly verified.

The CHP will limit refugee’s rights to that of a prompt, fair hearing focused on qualifying genuine need cases.

The CHP will require that all refugee claimants convicted of refugee fraud be disqualified from entering Canada for life.

The CHP will require refugees to show their good-faith and loyalty to Canada by providing valuable contribution to infrastructure projects, the public service, or the military for five years upon being landed in Canada, upon completion of which the refugee would be qualified to apply for Canadian citizenship.

The CHP will require that refugees with questionable claims have a sponsor, whether it be a church group, a family member, or an individual philanthropist.  That sponsor would guarantee that the refugee abides by the law and does not become a burden on Canada’s social welfare system.