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Immigration and Refugees

Citizenship and Loyalty

Canada has always been a land of hope and opportunity for people from around the world precisely because of our Judeo-Christian heritage that ensures nobody is above the law.

Adherence to the rule of law must be protected or Canada risks becoming like other countries, which due to inadequately developed immigration laws, are now dealing with strident cultural groups which insist that their new host country accept the tenets of the country they have left behind as the means by which to establish cultural norms and settle disputes and conflicts.

In this area, Sharia law with its demands for cultural and legal accommodation in places such as the UK, the Netherlands, and other Western nations, must receive special attention. Sharia law, which endorses such things as the denial of equal rights for women under the law, female genital mutilation, honour killings, polygamy, violence against homosexuals, jihad, dhimmitude and the death of infidels will be strenuously opposed under a CHP immigration programme.

Such demands are a violation of the principle of loyalty to the new country and are far in excess of our common understanding of multiculturalism. The CHP rejects cultural relativism, and asserts that not all cultures are equal or equally good. Canada, as part of the British Commonwealth, owes its distinct cultural heritage to the Judeo-Christian worldview and norms. Our laws, customs, and freedoms can be traced directly to this heritage. Thus, Canadian immigration will balance respect and appreciation for the diversity of people of different ethnic backgrounds with respect for Canada’s Christian heritage, while not diminishing the latter. Whatever the country of origin, we must build a primary sense of being “Canadian” and forcefully reject any attempt contrary to this vision.

This means that new immigrants must acknowledge and respect that Canada’s cultural heritage is rooted in a Judeo-Christian worldview which is the foundation of our national identity and laws. The decision to choose to live in Canada must be accompanied by patriotism and loyalty to Canada and our democratic values and morals. Previously held traditions and legal systems incompatible with Canada’s culture and law must be abandoned.

The very core of the Canadian citizenship oath is the declaration of loyalty to the Queen of Canada, and the pledge to “faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen.” Therefore, to enjoy the privilege of living in Canada, immigrants – although proud of their own cultural heritage – must pledge their allegiance to the new land which they have chosen to call their home.

Therefore, as a prerequisite to entry into Canada, immigrants, as part of their application process, must sign a formally binding pledge whereby they:

  • Agree to abide by Canadian law.
  • Agree to forego or abandon practices and traditions that are contrary to Canadian law and tradition such as:
    • Sharia Law – which includes but is not limited to “honour” killings, polygamy, and the wearing of the burqa or niqab face covering in public
    • Gang Violence
    • Religious beliefs that run contrary to the Charter in that they demean individuals or jeopardize public safety
    • Terrorism – which includes promoting and supporting subversive terrorist groups (the most numerous are those involving Muslim extremists, but there are others such as Tamil and Sikh organizations) in their country of origin and worldwide

All such practices that constitute a violation of the signed pledge will be considered serious enough to warrant deportation back to the country of origin.

Note: This is not to say that refugees and immigrants cannot be involved in peaceful efforts, which are not in contravention of Canadian law, to draw attention to the plight of their former countrymen in order to help bring about change.

Immigrants who are admitted will be expected to adopt Canada’s cultural norms, to educate their children to be proud of their new country and make a contribution to its betterment. The CHP will ensure that entry into Canada is only granted to those wishing to truly integrate into Canadian society.