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CHP Elects New Leader

Thu, November 06, 2014

Rod Taylor, of Telkwa, B.C., was acclaimed as Party Leader at the Christian Heritage Party of Canada’s triennial convention in Hamilton, Ontario today, November 6th, 2014. Rod and his wife, Elaine, have been members of CHP Canada since 1987 and he has served as federal candidate four times in the electoral district of Skeena-Bulkley Valley in northwest BC. Active for many years with his local Electoral District Association (EDA), he has also served as Interim BC President and Interim Leader of the CHP’s provincial wing, CHP-BC. 

Nationally, Mr. Taylor served as Deputy Leader for 5 years, Western Regional Development Director for two years and National Development Director for three years. He has also served on numerous committees of the national board. He is already known to many members across the country having met them during provincial tours or spoken to them on the phone. 

Rod set forth the direction he plans to lead the CHP to the delegates at the 2014 Convention, including a strong emphasis on election readiness and strategy, better tools for members, and a renewed focus on membership recruiting and member 
involvement at the local level. He received a strong vote of support from the convention delegates. 

Rod's message to the delegates and to all CHP members is, 

"You hold the key to the success of the Christian Heritage Party. God has given us a wonderful opportunity to bring His time-honoured principles of respect for life, family and freedom to this nation. Our ability to impact this generation and provide true Christian leadership is only limited by the measure of our willingness to bring the CHP message to our friends, families and acquaintances. If we will be faithful and obedient and deliver our message boldly and clearly, we can trust our God to "do abundantly more than we could ask or think". In times like these, faith is expressed in sacrifice---the sacrifice of time, energy and finances. In due time---in God's time---we will reap a harvest if we remain faithful. Let's make sure we have done everything possible in 2014. There's still time to renew lapsed memberships and for each one to sign up ONE NEW MEMBER! Let's start 2015 strong and make the 2015 federal election the best one yet for the CHP! I thank you for the opportunity to serve. Together, we can make a difference!"

We look forward to providing more information over the coming weeks as Rod and the new board roll up their sleeves and begin preparing for Election 2015. 

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