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Jim Enos | Hamilton Mountain
Ontario Council President
p: 289-778-1510

About Jim

Jim is no stranger to the world of governance as he has spent the past 25 years participating at public tables influencing public policy.  In 2016, Jim as CEO for CHP Hamilton Mountain was the spokesperson for CHP Canada for a Judicial Review regarding political free speech in Canada; the 3 judges unanimously ruled strongly in favour of CHP Canada’s right to political free speech.  Earlier this year Jim was the CHP Canada spokesperson for another Judicial Review where a municipality removed pro-life ads from their buses with their reason being that usage of the term ‘human’ was  inaccurate because ‘an unborn child is not human’.  Jim is a vocal and public figure with a long record of promoting and defending family, life and freedom in the public square and has earned the respect of Canadian voters who agree.

Jim, like CHP Canada, believes that Canadians must be free to believe or not believe and to have the freedom to peacefully express those beliefs publicly without fear of prosecution. If Canadians do not have the freedom to speak publicly about public policy then we will be subject to tyrannical regimes; these are things worth fighting for.

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