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March for Life Victoria 2019 Rally

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March for Life Victoria 2019

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What’s the Fuss About The Global Compact for Migration?

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Melody's Loss -
Abortion Has Two Victims

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Lust, Greed, and Politics

Pornography, legalized prostitution, and sex-trafficking — what do they have in common? Your local candidates for election (with a few exceptions) won’t want to talk about the connections between them.

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Banning Conversion Therapy Is Like Censorship on Steroids

In today’s culture wars, each side has goals. There are societal implications for every circumstance. It matters what is allowed, what is promoted, what is restricted and what is forbidden. When certain behaviours and outcomes are desired, proponents suggest conditions that will favour those outcomes.

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Manhunt for Lost Souls

​As I write this, police, armed forces, dogs, aircraft, ground vehicles and tech tools are all at work seeking to find two suspected murderers rumoured to be hiding out in northern Manitoba.

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Selling Out…or Compromise?

Was anyone else part of the craze in the late 1960s that was called “Monkee Mania”? I was a fan from day one right through to the bitter end. Perhaps one of my favourite songs was “Shades of Gray”

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CHP vs. Hamilton: A Stunning Victory for Freedom of Political Expression

On Thursday October 4, the Christian Heritage Party (CHP Canada) won a strong decision in its dispute with the City of Hamilton over the removal of political advertising from bus shelters in the city. A Judicial Review panel ruled overwhelmingly in favour of the party whose paid advertising was removed by city staff on August 10, 2016.

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When Governments Kill Their Citizens, God Removes His Blessing

This Thursday, May 10, we in the Christian Heritage Party, CHP Canada, will be among the thousands of Canadians who will gather on Parliament Hill to remind those who serve as our elected and appointed representatives of the unique value of every human life and the responsibility we all share for protecting it.

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CHP Canada Calls on the Government to End its Fraudulent Promotion of Recreational Marijuana

As the future of Canada and the wellbeing of our children and grandchildren hangs in the balance, we want to present our perspective on the debate over the legalization of so-called “recreational” marijuana.

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CHP Canada Brief to the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform

The Christian Heritage Party Proposal to Combine Mixed Member Proportional Representation and Preferential Local Balloting.

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