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Start an EDA (Riding Association)

Start an EDA (Riding Association)

You have the dream, and you know it’s important. So, how would you begin to make your dream a reality? It starts with an electoral district association.

The primary function of an electoral district association (EDA) is to: build membership; fundraise; and field a candidate.

You have a vision for your electoral district… It’s an exciting vision, where people come together to support and field a candidate, but you are not confident in your own power to see this vision become a reality.

You know that a vision which is seen only by one person is not enough; other members of your electoral district must see the vision. But you’re no Martin Luther King, who in his 1963 speech, “I Have a Dream” painted vivid pictures with his words.

But, the fact that you have the vision is a start, and that means you have a role to play.

God can and will use you. His strength is perfected in our weakness.

Contacting other members in your electoral district is easily facilitated through the national office. But then how do you pass your dream to build to others? How do you find those gifted orators to serve as your candidate? How do you find the leader able to oversee the development of an EDA? How do you find that financial whiz who is able to sift easily through the Elections Canada bookkeeping?

Astoundingly, it may be simpler than you think.

But, building is not something one person can do alone. I believe that the most important member of your planning will be your prayer coordinator. Petitions brought to our Lord will move mountains and building an association without prayer could be likened to moving a mountain. So, find that person willing intercede for the building of your electoral district association and keep in touch with them.

When you start looking for the financial agent, let your prayer coordinator know. When you want to find a president, ensure prayer is going up. Your prayer coordinator will let people in your electoral district know that prayer is needed. But, of course, you don’t get to quit working on it because the Lord is on the job. Your part will be to find the person called.

I can still hear the words from May 2004 to a non CHP person, “Vicki, I don’t know why, but I believe I need to ask you if you’ll run as our candidate in the election.”

Not everyone that you ask will become a member but if you’ve sowed a seed of your vision, it may germinate long after you’ve planted. Not everyone that you ask will wish to serve on your executive, but one of the goals of an EDA is building membership and it may be through that person that the Lord provides your sought after executive member.

We need to communicate our vision to others and to teach them to communicate the vision. We all want a better world for our children. What does a world lived under the authority of Scripture look like? Don’t let the nay-sayers crying “theocracy” scare you away.

We know a nation living in obedience to the Lord is blessed. Imagine for yourself what God’s blessing on Canada looks like and get excited. Imagine the Canada where babies are safe in their mother’s womb. Imagine and get excited about a Canada where children don’t need to pass under metal detectors to enter school. Imagine a Canada where our seniors are revered rather than fearing that euthanasia will gain acceptance.

Let those with whom you speak see your enthusiasm and become excited by it.

Help the members in your electoral district see what helping to build the CHP will do toward providing their children a better future. Within the EDA, you have the benefit of having people with a like vision. Your role will be to help them translate the vision into action.

You have the members of the national board ready to offer suggestions, plan a visit to your electoral district, or help in whatever way you need.

Your most important asset will be persevering until you break through.

Today’s a great day to start planning for your healthy, successful electoral district association. Map your route, engage your members and build your team.