Unholy Alliances

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There is a huge difference between allies and friends. “A friend loveth at all times,” but an ally may only stand with you as long as it is in his best interests to do so. This is a bitter lesson that Afghan civilians are learning today in the wake of their abandonment by US and Canadian troops. Afghans are being slaughtered by the thousands as the Taliban—held in check for years and at great cost in blood and treasure—have surged back as Western military have begun to withdraw. In a stunningly short period of time, the reinvigorated Taliban have captured important strategic cities and military targets.

While we’re talking about allies and alliances, we need to draw a few parallels between the sometimes-solid, sometimes-rocky relationship between Canada and her neighbour South of the border. The US and Canada went into battle as allies in Afghanistan. But relations have not always been mutually supportive. Stephen Harper, Canada’s PM in much better times than we now find ourselves in, had to endure seven years of Barack Obama’s left-leaning presidency. When businessman Donald Trump entered the White House, he had to put up with the drama teacher who had become Canada’s PM in 2015. These were periods of uncomfortable nation-to-nation dealings, and Canada paid the price for picking a selfie-posing socialist with nice hair over a pragmatic businessman with at least some respect for the office he was privileged to occupy.

We’re still paying the price. During the Trump/Trudeau era, we saw a confident American President eat our lunch. From dairy products to lumber to aluminum, Canada took repeated hits, while PM Trudeau allowed our rail lines to be shut down, our borders to be violated and our cultural heritage to be defiled.

Not that Harper was perfect. Under his so-called “Conservative” government, Canada went $160 billion deeper in debt. Pride parades received taxpayer funding. Domestic abortion rates continued unabated. Still, when you compare those days with our current tyrannical style of government, the catastrophic levels of deficit spending, the increased government funding of leftist media and the censorship of contrary opinion, it does make one think about the “good old days” of just a few years ago, when there were at least occasional reasons for optimism. The events of 2020, including the troubling US election last November, have dimmed those hopes even further.

When events unfolded that put Joe Biden in the White House and socialist Democrats in charge of the US House and Senate, it was like putting both tyranny and anarchy on speed-dial. That’s an unholy alliance! And now it’s happening on both sides of the border, at the same time.

Dictatorial politicians are trampling on traditional freedoms—like freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of conscience—while lawless mobs break the laws of a civil society with impunity. Statues of prominent historical figures are pulled down, while police officers look on helplessly. The next day, pastors preaching to their flocks are hauled off to jail. Illegal immigrants—now at both Canada’s and the US’s southern borders—walk in and are treated with hospitality, while law-abiding Canadian citizens returning by air are hustled off to quarantine jails.

The Biden/Trudeau era must be the worst combination that we’ve had in a very long time: both socialists, both aggressively pro-abortion, both actively promoting gender confusion and racial divisiveness, both spending borrowed money in astronomical amounts, both using COVID cover to implement top-down government control over peoples’ private lives, both clueless in foreign affairs and military matters, both with a gun-grabbing mentality, both willing to use power to censor public opinion contrary to theirs. This truly is an unholy alliance.

During WW2, the Allies came together to resist tyranny and defend the innocent. That was a grand alliance based on shared democratic values. They faced the Axis powers who were intent on subjugating the planet. Today, national governments around the world have begun moving together to impose international rules that will limit the ability of their citizens to speak freely, to travel or to participate in commerce.

The unholy alliance now forming between Big Government, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Media and Big Bankers is alarming. They, themselves, call it the “New World Order.” After destroying economies and supply chains, they say we must “Build back Better.”

Both Biden and Trudeau have used that phrase and it should send shivers down your spine. As President Ronald Reagan once said, the scariest words you can hear are, “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.” We don’t need more socialist, intrusive, meddling government controlling our speech, giving our tax dollars to the media and advocacy groups whom they favour, forcing us to participate in an experimental injection program or to change our use of pronouns. What we need is a smaller government that will balance the budget, keep the streets safe, secure our borders and protect innocent human life.

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