The Maturing of Canuckistan

mar. octobre 5, 2021 | Auteure: Vicki Gunn   |   Le volume: 28    Le numéro: 40   |   Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

On the surface, Canadians look free to live life to its fullest. We’ve just come through an election where Canadians got to choose who would lead our country and stipulate that this leader would need at least one cooperating party to lead. Elections are the outward appearance of our God-given rights and freedoms but . . . under the surface festers the new Canada. In this new order, you must toe the government line or you face arrest, you face fines, you face imprisonment, and this is just the beginning. This is the emerging Canuckistan!

Pastor Jacob Reume of Trinity Bible Chapel in Waterloo said, “They have convinced people that they have reduced people to biological units whereby our only purpose in life is to avoid contracting, and spreading, a sickness.” Is that our sole reason for existence today - to stay alive? My dad always asked his doctor, “Will I live longer or will it just feel like I’m living longer?”

We are social beings who live in a world that has lately sunk into despair: as we’ve been isolated by government mandate; as we’ve isolated because we love others and don’t want to make them ill; as we’ve isolated to ensure we live longer—not better.

Some of us applaud the government’s actions during this pandemic, while others of us condemn these actions. But, is there one family that hasn’t been torn apart with conflicting beliefs? Is there a family that is not a mixture of those who accept the COVID vaccine and those who don’t? Is there a family that hasn’t exchanged words . . . angry words . . . sorrowful words . . . painful words?

Are we living longer or does it just feel like we’re living longer? According to Macrotrends, “The current life expectancy for Canada in 2021 is 82.66 years, a 0.18% increase from 2020.” According to Statista, the vast majority of people succumbing to COVID are in their 80s. While this doesn’t make death less tragic, (it’s always sad to lose those we love), it does put in perspective that there is a time where our mortal life draws to a close.

But, are government mandates extending our lives while making it torturous to be alive? When we look to our family members, whom we love but with whom we don’t agree, do we view them in disgust that they love others so little that they won’t “take one for the team?” Are we comfortable calling our unvaccinated loved ones “them,” differentiating them from “we” who have taken the needle?

Government pressure to “do as you’re told” is immense. Ads pressure us to consider others and “get the needle” or offer us enticements. But, what if you have genuine misgivings about the needle? What if you are concerned about the unknown long-term effects? Should you be forced? The reality is that refusal can mean travel restrictions, and a sticker on your passport to indicate personal medical information.

Angry fingers point at those who believe it is their right to not surrender their body to government control, while others scream for mandated COVID vaccines. But, are they willing to accept the unintended consequences of violating other people’s bodily autonomy?

The areas that governments will violate can expand to include far more than was intended.

What about those who would like to marry? Traditionally, marriage called for the union of a man and a woman to love, honour and cherish each other. The City of Oakville’s new criteria is not simply the desire to spend your life together, nor to “love, honour and cherish;” the new criteria is that you have been vaccinated against COVID. Those living in other communities should take note….

The scars that will be left in the wake of this vaccination mandate will be unbearable. Children who witnessed their mother’s arrest for failing to provide proof of vaccination will bear scars for a long time.

How can we, as a nation that once loved freedom, stand by and applaud the abuses being heaped on children, on families, on our society? How can we applaud the invasion of people’s bodies against their will? How can we stand idly by and allow children to be ripped from their parents’ sides?

We’ve watched Pastor Artur Pawlowski arrested and taken away, in front of his family, for following his God-given mandate to preach. We’ve seen Pastor Tim Stevens arrested in front of his crying children for continuing to preach. How many other abuses of power will we allow our federal and provincial governments to commit while we stand silent?

These are neither abusive parents nor are they zealots. They are normal Canadian parents who wish to pass on to their children the freedoms they enjoy today. They want to claim their legacy of freedom for their children and grandchildren.

Canada, like so many western countries, has forgotten that there is a price to pay for freedom. Freedom is not free, it was paid for with lives and is retained by those with the stamina to stand against government over-reach.

As we face the maturing of Canuckistan, will our freedoms become a distant memory, or are we prepared to stand up and demand the return of our rights and freedoms?

There is more to life than a living body. To really live, we must live in the full colour of our God-given freedoms.

Today, stand! Join CHP Canada.

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