A Matter of Life and Death: Your Vote Really Matters!

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On October 1, 2021, the Delta Hospice Society conducted an online SGM (Special General Meeting) with an electronic vote to determine whether the Society could hold its AGM (Annual General Meeting) virtually or if it would have to hold an in-person meeting in Delta . . . a meeting that could have prevented many of DHS’s 10,000+ members from participating in future decisions.

The YES vote won! That means that pro-lifers across Canada who joined DHS to support its high-quality palliative care agenda (with NO euthanasia component) will be able to participate in an AGM to be held sometime in the next couple of months. At the AGM, vital questions about the direction of the Society and its goals will be debated and voted on. These questions are of dire consequence, not only for DHS but for the kind of culture we want to promote in Canada. In that sense, these questions go far beyond the boundaries of Delta, B.C. All Canadians have a legitimate interest in protecting the vision being championed by DHS President, Angelina Ireland, and her committed pro-life board of directors.

Does my vote matter?

This is a question every Canadian faces in every election and referendum. In this case, the answer is a resounding YES! At the SGM on Oct. 1, more than 4,000 members voted (4617) but the resolution passed by less than 1%! A couple dozen fewer YES votes would have sunk the resolution and placed the future of the DHS in the hands of a much smaller group in the Delta area who are trying desperately to impose an agenda in lockstep with the government’s euthanasia program.

In the upcoming AGM (date, time and details to be announced), the resolutions to be debated and the election of the next board of directors will be very clearly a referendum on the future of palliative care in Canada. We urge you to take out a membership or renew your existing membership now and to plan to attend the AGM if at all possible! Due to an orchestrated filibuster by those who opposed the existing board’s pro-life stance, some of you who attended the SGM were unable to stay until the end when the vote was conducted. This was unfortunate, and we came within a couple dozen votes of seeing the resolution defeated. This was largely the consequence of operating with a court-appointed moderator and a court-appointed voting platform. Rest assured, the AGM will be conducted much differently and the discussion and voting will be much more focused on the issues about which we all care.

Take out a membership in the Delta Hospice Society today! Deadline is October 21, 2021.

For those who missed the SGM, or were unable to stay for the vote, the good news is this: you still have time to get involved! But you must act quickly. Only those whose membership is valid by October 21 will be able to vote at the AGM.

The process of becoming a Delta Hospice member has been streamlined. You can use your credit card online by visiting this page. There is also a form you can print and mail but due to the approaching deadline, I highly recommend signing up online.

Or, you can call: 1-800-232-1589 during business hours and someone will process your application.

If you have not followed the DHS story, you can view DHS President, Angelina Ireland’s recent interview with me on CHP TALKS:





Podcast Audio

And for a thorough explanation of the battle taking place to promote life-affirming palliative care in Delta and across this country, you can view Angelina’s speech to our recent CHP National Convention held in Calgary, Alberta in September. Here’s a link to that speech on Facebook.

Thank you so much to all those who are standing together for Life, Family and Freedom! I hope many of you will be able to help Angelina and the DHS win this very important battle in the culture wars.

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