A Bigger Blue Tent. No Tent Pegs.

mar. septembre 7, 2021 | Auteure: Rod Taylor   |   Le volume: 28    Le numéro: 36   |   Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

Conservative Party leaders and operatives have long talked about their Big Blue Tent. That’s the concept of making the Conservative Party platform so appealing to the average Canadian that they would want to join . . . even if they consider themselves less conservative and more middle-of-the-road. These party strategists have always said (and their current leader, Erin O’Toole has repeated), “conservatives of every stripe are welcome in the new Conservative Party.” Theoretically, that would include social conservatives (those concerned about abortion, euthanasia, the gender agenda, Pride parades and parental rights) and fiscal conservatives (those concerned about deficit spending, business tax rates, paying down the national debt and reducing red tape for businesses).

Interestingly, all of those are issues about which Christian Heritage Party members are deeply concerned. For those in the Conservative Party, however, it’s not so clear what is meant by being “welcome in the party.” Are some more welcome than others?

Mr. O’Toole wants pro-lifers to join his party and support his candidates. In his view, they’re welcome as long as they don’t cause a disturbance and as long as they don’t expect any support from him. MP Cathay Wagantall’s Bill C-233, a bill to ban sex-selective abortion is a perfect example of a bill that should have been supported by every Member of Parliament, especially those of the Big Blue Tent. But Mr. O’Toole and 37 other “Conservative” members voted against it.

When it comes to causing a disturbance or drawing what he regards as negative public attention, Mr. O’Toole has a very sensitive line that must not be crossed. MP Derek Sloan, a leadership contender in 2020, was unceremoniously expelled from the party earlier this year due to his uncompromising position on many things, including abortion, gender transition surgery for children and most notably, his call for the firing of Theresa Tam for her mishandling of COVID-related public health orders and advice. When Sloan was kicked out by Erin O’Toole and a majority of his fellow Conservative caucus members, it was alleged that his firing was due to a small donation his campaign had received from a white nationalist, but everyone knew that was simply an excuse. He was kicked out because Erin O’Toole did not want to have to defend Conservative Party policy on controversial issues.

Social conservatives are welcome in the Big Blue Tent if they are willing to tread lightly, to speak only when spoken to and to generally tow the party line. Translation: your ideas, opinions and convictions are not as important as the party getting elected.

Indeed, during the current 2021 general election campaign, the Conservative Party removed from the ballot a well-qualified candidate in the Yukon (Jonas Smith) for voicing his opposition to the idea of vaccine passports. What happened to “everyone is welcome”?

By these two disciplinary expulsions, Mr. O’Toole has shown that he supports neither free speech nor conscience rights within his own party. Upon what other issues is the CPC Leader vacillating?

He and a number of his colleagues supported C-6, a bill that—if passed in the next Parliament—may result in the criminalization of parents counselling their own children in regard to gender and sexuality. It also could result in pastors being at risk of prosecution if they counsel a parishioner who wishes to return to a gender orientation consistent with his or her birth gender.

Mr. O’Toole has said he’ll get rid of the Trudeau carbon tax but then he’ll implement one of his own. He has flip-flopped on how he would deal with the Liberal ban on certain types of firearms. Now—after first speaking against a vaccine passport—he says he will implement a national tracking system for injection status.

It reminds me of Groucho Marx’s famous line: “I have principles . . . and if you don’t like them, well I have others.”

The Christian Heritage Party has principles based on the unchanging Word of God. Our tent is firmly anchored and our convictions are solid. We invite you to join us and work with us to restore Canada’s moral fabric. And if you have a CHP candidate in your riding, don’t forget to vote for Life! Family! and Freedom!

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