WEF, the Great Reset and the New World Order

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For those who have been watching the progressive unravelling of Western civilization over the past couple of years, the WEF (World Economic Forum), headed by Klaus Schwab, has become part of our language and reality. Mr. Schwab’s famous comment about the Great Reset he envisions for all mankind is that, “You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

Of course, that’s a ludicrous statement on its face. While political, economic and military factors often result in the loss of personal property, whether people are happy or unhappy is beyond the capacity of any pundit to predict or control. When the person making the statement has himself a great amount of personal wealth and power, it seems a stark contrast to call on the rest of humanity to relinquish any claim to property. It’s unlikely that he plans to give away his assets to find the happiness he promises others.

It’s particularly interesting that the billionaires he invites to Davos are among the richest in the world (their combined wealth is purportedly $500 billion). Their collective interest in directing the affairs of the world and of concocting economic systems that will benefit their corporations, foundations and their own financial portfolios seem unlikely to be designed with the middle and lower-income family in mind. That’s not how their wealth was accrued in the first place.

The COVID crisis and the protocols and government edicts that have hampered and hindered small businesses and private careers in Canada and around the world have been a useful background for influential globalists to advance their agendas.

What are the goals of those agendas? Too many to be described here. This short article can only be considered an introduction to the topic. Folks who want to understand the intricate details of the WEF plans, and how they conveniently intersect with those of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the UN (United Nations), will have to spend a lot of time reading or viewing some of the countless video analyses being produced by concerned citizens around the world.

A few of the goals of the globalists that can be identified are:

  1. Digital ID that would make every individual more trackable, traceable and controllable.
  2. Digital currency, the use of which may be limited based on a person’s “social credit score.”
  3. Comprehensive compliance in terms of vaccinations, the use of fossil fuels or any other behaviours about which globalists may seek uniformity.
  4. Universal basic income (an idea that has failed miserably in every jurisdiction where it has ever been tried). Creating dependency on the state instead of personal responsibility and initiative.
  5. Population controls; limits on who can have children and how many. Access to abortion, euthanasia, sterilization (voluntary at first but eventually mandatory for those deemed unworthy of reproducing).

The WEF and other organizations pushing this agenda are all about power. With high and lofty language about moving away from capitalism and “resetting” expectations—including language about social equity and climate protection—they call on people all over the world to make personal sacrifices in the interests of a global community that is loving, caring and sharing. Meanwhile, they jet about to their conferences and seek to impose controls on personal freedoms. They have every intention of implementing those controls through financial dependency.

We saw this recently when WEF devotees, Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland, seized the bank accounts of ordinary citizens who either participated in the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy or contributed to their efforts financially. They used the Emergencies Act, not only to crush peaceful dissent, but also to see how far they could go in controlling Canadians by freezing bank accounts. Their ability to punish critics by cutting off their incomes, cancelling business licences and denying them access to services was shown to be quite intimidating. Of course, the favoured method of control is always fear. By a major show of police-state-like force, by throwing a few people in jail, by seizing a few bank accounts and by a constant stream of government propaganda, the elites at the apex of the bureaucracy are able to manipulate thousands of others who aren’t yet prepared to go to jail and who really don’t want to lose their life savings.

Canadians should be concerned about the increasing threats to our individual and national sovereignty. This is not conspiracy theory; it is simply a recognition that there are people who think they know—better than we do—what is best for our families and our future. It will take consistent and courageous actions to prevent the loss of our unique Canadian identity. The actions of our current federal government will not protect us from the globalists because their agenda is in alignment with the WEF and other powerful international organizations. We need to reclaim our national identity and re-establish the principles that once caused our society to prosper.

The CHP is committed to restoring our Christian culture. Join your voice with ours to defend our country, our way of life, our homes and our families.

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