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January 11, 2022 | Auteure: Rod Taylor   |   Le volume: 29    Le numéro: 2   |   Share: Gab | Facebook | Twitter   

It’s all the buzz. A new variant. A new reason to lock down, buckle up, keep your distance, close your eyes, shut your mouth and shutter your business. For mainstream media and the talking heads, Omicron has breathed new life into their long, boring narrative. They can now start the cycle of fear all over again. Talk about cases, hospitalizations and deaths dominates the airwaves as well as endless discussion about the unknowns: how transmissible is this new variant? How deadly is it? Will the existing mRNA injections be effective against this mutant strain? What about natural immunity resulting from previous infection with one of the other strains? Lots of questions; few answers.

Prestidigitation is a word we don’t hear often. We may need to begin using it more. Two definitions found in The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition, are:

  • Performance of or skill in performing magic or conjuring tricks with the hands; sleight of hand
  • Skill or cleverness, especially in deceiving others

Sleight-of-hand, also known as legerdemain, involves using the hands to distract an audience while surreptitiously performing another act intended to surprise and mystify.

That’s how Omicron is being used by governments and their media lapdogs: to distract the public from the rapid theft of their personal freedoms, from the failure of current policies to curtail the transmission of COVID-19, from the collapse of Canada’s economy, from the imposition of harmful legislation (such as C-3 and C-4), from the deadly and incomprehensible public health policies that withhold early life-saving treatment from patients, from the depletion of healthcare staff at a time when they are most needed, from the unconstitutional withholding of Employment Insurance from the men and women who have paid into EI for years and who have been terminated through no fault of their own . . . and on it goes . . . .

While the public is held spellbound by breathlessly-repeated news of Omicron’s spread and the number of reported “cases,” they are missing (not being told) the most important aspects of this story:

  1. Omicron—while very transmissible—appears to be far less deadly than previous strains. Some doctors believe that those who are infected with this milder variant may recover more quickly and acquire long-lasting natural immunity. It also seems likely that many COVID patients could avoid a stay in the ICU if they were to receive proper early outpatient treatment. Even so, the Omicron variant may help end the reign of COVID.
  2. Reliable data now reveals that the “fully-vaccinated” can still be infected and can transmit COVID to others. This is not good news. It is not what Canadians were led to believe. The attempts by Prime Minister Trudeau and others to vilify the vaccine-free and to blame them for what they like to call “the pandemic of the unvaccinated” is clearly false.
  3. Numbers coming out of the US VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Reporting System) ought to be enough to bring the mandatory vaccine demands of the federal government to a screeching halt. The injection of children with Pfizer and Moderna’s experimental mRNA is unconscionable, particularly without their parents’ informed consent.

Even crocodile tears can be used to deceive the public. When the PM, the premiers and public health officers make emotional pleas for the public to bow unquestioningly to their every demand (including injection of an experimental product that has killed and injured thousands), they appear to be deeply concerned about the loss of even one human life. Their actions tell a different story.

If they really cared about protecting human life they would:

  • Promote and provide safe and effective medications for the early treatment of COVID patients. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, monoclonal antibodies, zinc, vitamins C and D. Some believe this would reduce the number of patients ending up in hospitals and on respirators.
  • Bring back the thousands of highly-trained professionals who have been terminated without cause and without pay. The same officials whining about the healthcare system being overwhelmed are the ones who have cut the staffs of hospitals and clinics, depriving patients of timely professional care.
  • Stop censoring and censuring doctors who are asking legitimate questions and challenging the official narrative. Let them have their say. Let the public have all the information, including the significant risk factors of the mRNA vaccines.
  • End the lockdowns, business closures and life-restrictions that have resulted in huge increases in non-COVID deaths, suicides, drug overdoses, etc.

If they really cared about human life, they would also:

  • Stop killing 100,000 babies every year by abortion.
  • Stop performing euthanasia on the elderly and the vulnerable. According to the National Catholic Register, 7,595 Canadians died by government-assisted suicide in 2020. The number has been going up every year since it was first legalized in 2016. Last year, the government added the mentally ill as a category eligible for euthanasia. If current policies prevail, that will be a growing demographic in Canada.

We need to stop rewarding politicians who practice prestidigitation. We need to begin rewarding politicians who are not afraid to tell the truth and not afraid to speak up, even if it means resisting the majority opinion when that opinion is wrong. In the 1840s, Dr Ignaz Semmelweis proved that fewer women died after childbirth if doctors would simply wash their hands before delivering babies. Believe it or not, his simple wisdom was despised and vilified by the majority at the time. He was considered insane. But he was right. Women under his care had fewer complications and fewer deaths. Like him, we need to continue to demand that politicians and public health officers follow the science where it leads, not to where Dr. Fauci and the shareholders of Pfizer want it to lead.

We at CHP Canada will continue to speak the truth. In the end Truth wins.

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