The Five Greatest Threats to Canada’s Survival: A Countdown

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There are many threats to peace and stability in this world, and to Canada surviving as a free, democratic nation. Some that aren’t real—like ‘climate extinction’—are trumpeted almost daily in the media. But impending economic woes—exacerbated by our government—are. And there are “wars and rumours of war” arising from rogue nations.

It’s a matter of opinion, of course, but, the following items top my list of birth-pangs preceding the end of the world as we have known it. I must add that our Lord told us that the time of His return would be presaged by just such a catalogue; but He also told us, “When you see such things begin to happen, look up! Your redemption is coming nearer!”

#5 – Turkeys ambitions to rule the Middle East, and the Palestinian Authoritys intransigence.

The Turkish dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (pronounced “Air-dough-wan”), yearns to restore the Ottoman Empire as hegemon of the Middle East—with himself as Sultan. He has taken the secular nation and has made Turkey a powerful Islamic dictatorship with himself as its irremovable head. There are no constitutional restrictions on his overweening ambition.

#4 – Chinas international ambitions.

China under Xi Jinping, has become one of the world’s greatest threats to international peace. Its ambitions are not limited to the China Seas, where it has built “islands” atop what used to be sub-surface rocks, and whence China threatens the huge traffic of international shipping that traverses the South China Sea. It also threatens the maritime rights of its neighbours, like Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia—not to mention Australia, Africa, and the USA.

It has declared itself a “near Arctic nation,” and threatens Canadian sovereignty over parts of the high Arctic since Prime Minister Trudeau invited them to practice military manoeuvres in our high Arctic.

China is a nuclear power, and is making bids to supplant the USA as the world’s most powerful nation, both militarily and economically. Its state-sponsored electronics company, Huawei, is one of the world’s largest makers of computer and communications technologies, and was recently found to have embedded “back door” access to its 4G Internet equipment, to allow the Chinese government to spy on nations that use Huawei gear—which includes some of Canada’s 5G technology.

#3 - Iran

The Mullahs of Iran are hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons. They have repeatedly violated the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; they have thousands of centrifuges concentrating uranium to near weapons grade—far in excess of what is required for electrical power generation; and they already have one of the world’s largest reserves of readily-accessible oil.

Iran is the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism, and has publicly threatened to wipe Israel off the map. Iran’s Mullahs are all “twelver” Shiites, whose eschatology requires them to precipitate chaos in the world, as a necessary prelude to the return of the “Mahdi”—a messianic figure in Shia Islam (whose description in the Qur’an is eerily like the Bible’s description of the Antichrist).

#2 – The WEFs Great Reset& the UNs Agenda 2030.

Espoused by Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau, the World Economic Forum is a gaggle of politicians and billionaires that meets annually to lay plans for your future and mine—without ever consulting us. Like the UN, they are unelected and accountable to no one. Their plans for the world’s economic and political future include a global government—and the UN is willing to become that one-world government.

The WEF’s forecast for the year 2030 includes a video featuring a smiling simpleton with the message: “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.” (“Or else”, I imagine them saying.) The WEF, despite their own plutocratic reservoirs of wealth, do not acknowledge the importance of private property as the foundation of freedom for others.

#1 - Threat to Canadas future as a free and democratic nation: Ottawa.

A recent antidemocratic ruling from Ottawa decrees that elected Members of Parliament will not be allowed into the House of Commons unless they have taken two shots of the untested mRNA ‘vaccine’ for Covid-19! Nothing else in the long history of the British Parliamentary system has ever been allowed to bar elected MPs from taking their seats in Parliament. Until now.

Under the Trudeau Liberals, the Prime Minister’s Office and Privy Council Office blithely ignore any parts of the Canadian Constitution they don’t like. That disregard for the rule of law, unless changed, will be the death-knell of our constitutional democracy. The problem is the Opposition won’t oppose; and the media, once considered the watchdog guarding the public’s access to truth, has become the lap-dog of the government—mere stenographers, repeating the Liberals’ propagandistic ‘talking points’ (notable exceptions: The Epoch Times, Rebel Media, True North, and Blacklock’s Reporter).

Our federal government has also been the fountainhead of a host of anti-democratic rulings to restrict the human rights of Canadians, including censoring information about treatments for Covid-19, vaccine regulations that strip Canadians of their right to demand informed consent, and which even deprive many of employment, if they choose not to submit to enforced participation in experimental mRNA ‘treatments.’ The diminution of the workforce by the departure of those who resist is already causing the supply chain to wobble, threatening shortages of food, fuel and other necessities, not to mention the loss of healthcare workers, police officers, and other essential public servants.

In addition, Ottawa is lavishly spending money that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren have yet to earn; those kids will be taxed, long after the fact, to repay money borrowed today to buy our votes—taxation, for future generations, without representation. That was the stuff of revolutions in the 17th and 18th centuries.

It was encouraging to see Bill Vander Zalm, once Premier of BC, being interviewed by Press For Truth and later by CHP TALKS. The outspoken ex-premier says, “I’ve never seen it so bad!” In that short statement, Mr. Vander Zalm echoes a number of recent immigrants from eastern Europe, who warn Canadians that “What we see happening in Canada is what we saw when the communists took over eastern Europe.”

Fore-warned is fore-armed. Guard your freedoms, or lose them.

Only one federal political party consistently respects the biblical roots of western civilization and democracy: CHP. Join today and become part of a rescue mission for Canada.

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